Images: sugar cane now

Images/videos of sugar cane workers


February 2010 recording of sugar cane harvesting by hand demo for Zacapa rum.

B&W Portraits of Guatemalan sugar cane cutters by photojournalist Rodrigo Apd (2011). Color image from Apd’s work:

Brazilian cane cutters sharpen machetes. 2010.


“Woman Praying in sugar cane field, St. Mary’s Parish, LA” from Debbie Fleming Caffery‘s 2008 documentary series: “Cane, Cotton and Faith.”

Marcelo Sayao, photographer. Brazil sugar cane harvester. 2011.

Sugar cane harvester, 2011. Brazil.

Ethiopian woman carrying harvested sugar cane. 2010.

Photograph by Punit Paranjpe. Woman washing clothes near sugar cane field in Junnar, Mumbai. 2009.

Sugar cane worker, 2009. Kumbakonam, South India.

Images of sugar cane fields

2003. “Cane Stalks (LA).” Photo by Debbie Fleming Caffery.

Sugar cane plumes, Florida.
Photographer Todd Landry. Louisiana cane field, 2010.
Cane stalks ready for processing, Jeanerette, Louisiana. Nov. 2010.
Jeanerette, LA is home to Steens Cane Syrup plant. Nov. 2010 photo.
Looking past slave quarters on Laura Plantation to the cane fields. Louisiana. April 2012.
Sugar cane field, GA. 2010.

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