Developmental Research Program/CEP

The Developmental Research Program (DRP) is a critical component of the Duke Cancer Health Disparities SPORE Program, supporting pilot research projects with translational potential relevant to cancer disparities.

The DRP will take maximum advantage of new research opportunities in cancer health disparities, attract new outstanding investigators and collaborators to the field, provide support for novel research, and serve as a source of new translational projects for the P20 SPORE and the future P50 SPORE. By providing support for novel cancer disparities research, this program will accelerate discovery and expand the breadth of translational research to improve outcomes for patients.

Co-Leaders: Kathryn Pollak, PhD, and Gerard Blobe, MD, PhD








Career Enhancement Program

Through our current P20 PACHE NCCU-Duke Translational Cancer Disparities Research Partnership, we have a strong foundation for a future SPORE Career Enhancement Program (CEP). The NCCU-Duke partnership includes two cancer disparities research projects and a Cancer Research Education Program (C-REP) focused on building the next generation of disparities researchers.

C-REP will be expanded as a pre-CEP in preparation for the Career Enhancement Program in our future P50 SPORE.

Co-Leaders: Nadine Barrett, PhD, and Gerry Blobe, MD