A Selection of Spring 2019 Final Projects

Over the course of the spring semester, Building Duke students worked individually and in teams to research a variety of themes related to Duke’s architectural history: from the art museum that was never constructed to nuclear fallout shelters, they dug into the University Archives to better understand how the Duke of today came to be, the decisions that were made, and the major issues that concerned Duke’s administrators over the course of the twentieth century. Below are screenshots and links to a few of these projects created using ArcGIS StoryMaps and Sketchfab with Autodesk Fusion360.

“Building Duke: Campus Visits Across the U.S.” Selena Quinn studied the travel journal kept by Frank C. Brown and reimagined the trip Brown took with President Few to gather architectural information from colleges around the country that they later shared with Julian Abele. Was Duke really modeled on Princeton? What was the real inspiration for Duke Chapel? Click on Selena’s StoryMap above to find out.

In “History of the Duke Medical Center,” Abby Shlesinger explores the reasons why Duke decided to build a medical hospital, the decisions that were made, and the data used to make those decisions. Click on Abby’s StoryMap above to find out more.

Did you know that the Ackland Art Museum was originally designed to be built at Duke? Plans for the museum reached final stages before the project was abandoned and the museum was later established at UNC. Aaron Young and Juan Lasso Velasco found blue prints for the museum in the University Archives and set about constructing a model of what the Ackland would have looked like if it had been built at Duke. Click on the Sketchfab model above to take a tour.