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Aasha Reddy

Hi! I’m Aasha and I’m from the great state of New Jersey (seriously if you love New Jersey too please talk to me).
I’m majoring in Economics and possibly Statistics, and what interests me the most in terms of academics is the intersection of history, politics, and macroeconomics (I love Keynes). I play the cello and guitar and on campus I am involved with SOFC, the Economics Student Union, Duke Economics Review, and of course the best SLG (BROWNSTONEEE).
I really like puppies, and often you’ll find me following people’s pets around campus. I also really love coffee especially when they put the art in it. Soup is also great. My dream is to live on an island and avoid the responsibility of becoming a real adult, but in terms of my normal goals maybe I’ll do something related to macroeconomics when I graduate.
Other important things you should know about me; I love the Beatles, the TV show Friends, New York City, Duke, small animals, olives, Notre Dame, and people who don’t like Ohio State.

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