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Request for Applications now live for the Ann B. Bussel Research Award.

Requests for Applications now live for the Faculty Scholar, Human Brain Models Research, Postdoctoral Fellowship, and Graduate Student Awards. More information is available in the Grants & Awards section. Applications due February 1, 2024.

The Ruth K. Broad Biomedical Research Foundation, Inc., a support corporation of Duke University, funds research in the neurosciences with a specific focus on investigation that may advance the knowledge or treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Pilot studies that can lead to conventional funding are preferred, to focus the Foundation’s support on new rather than existing research.

The Foundation has several grant programs for basic research in the neurosciences, both at Duke and outside of Duke, as well as a seminar series held at Duke.

To honor the memory of Ruth K. Broad and to expand knowledge toward the cause and cure of Alzheimer’s disease, members of her family originally formed the Foundation in 1988.

During 1991 – 1993 the Foundation became a support corporation of Duke University and is managed through the office of Duke Health Development and Alumni Affairs. The board of directors of the Foundation is made up of Broad family members, physicians and scientists, and Duke advisors.

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Application Deadlines

RFA now live for the Ann B. Bussel Research Award.  Letters of Intent are due by October 16, 2023.

RFAs now live for the Faculty Scholar, Human Brain Models Research, Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards at Duke. Applications are due February 1, 2024 for those awards.

New Student Award

Ellen Luken Student Awards enable selected Duke students to pursue prestigious and competitive extracurricular educational, career-building, and networking opportunities.

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New Grant

The Ruth K. Broad Foundation recently created a new grant to honor long-time director, Ann Bussel.

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