Last lecture is online, and note on worksheets.

Lecture 10 is just online, which means the series is finished, I have no plans to make any more material on this topic. That means I won’t make any more of the worksheets that I did for the first couple of lectures; I’m going to keep them up there but I won’t have time to make any more. I’ll still be here if you have any questions on the material or anything else, but apart from that my work is done. Hope it was of help to you!

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Lecture 10 is not online, but on the way.

I said in my last video that I would try to get the final lecture up by May 5th. Most of the slides are written and recording only takes one day so it is almost done, but I just wanted to post this note to say that I have not forgotten about it.

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Lecture 1 worksheet solutions are online (and some links are fixed).

It was constantly being overshadowed with other tasks like new lectures, but I finally finished and published the solutions to the very first worksheet. I also noticed that links pdfs didn’t open in a new tab, which is annoying, so that should be fixed on all pages too.

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Lecture 4 (and worksheet) are online.

It’s been so long since I uploaded anything that anybody following this website from the start has probably finished their Leaving Cert by now (or is taking it very soon), but I’ve re-started writing and recording. I’m hoping to get Lecture 5 (Q5, Impacts and Collisions) done soon, but there’s no way it will be recorded before this year’s Leaving Cert. On the off chance that I get the slides and worksheets done I’ll publish them before I start recording, which usually takes a few days.

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Lecture 3 (and worksheet) are online.

In fact the lecture has been up for almost a month now, but I just finished the worksheet. Contrary to what I said at the end of the lecture it’s the longest one so far, but a lot of that is because I have a lot of examples, the information is quite light.

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No lectures before Dec. 15th

I just wanted to put this up to let you know that I haven’t stopped posting, but I won’t have time to put up any more lectures over the next three weeks, as I will be studying for my own exams. However I am hoping to put together two lectures (Q3 and Q4) over the Christmas break.

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Lecture 2 (and worksheet) is online.

Lecture 2 (Projectiles) is online, along with a worksheet complete with solutions. I still haven’t done a solution sheet for Worksheet 1, but I will in time, I wanted to get a second lecture online first. It’s the same length as lecture 1 but it might be better not to view the entire lecture in one sitting, but instead view it in sections and attempt the worksheet as you go.

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Lecture 1 and worksheet 1 are online!

At 1:30 am no doubt. You can view them in the lectures and worksheets sections at the top of the page. The print-friendly version of the pdf is embedded in the page containing lecture 1.

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Lecture 0 is now online!

I finished the editing for the introductory lecture, and it’s now online. You can view it here. Lecture 1 and worksheet 1 have been written, but I haven’t narrated the lecture yet, I’ll have them up as soon as I can!

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