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where engineering meets neurosurgery

In 2015, the Brain Tool Laboratory was established by Dr. Patrick Codd as a collaboration between the Department of Neurosurgery and the Pratt School of Engineering. Since that time, engineers and neurosurgeons have worked together to tackle some of the most difficult problems facing the surgical community. Fostering a true atmosphere of collaboration, the Brain Tool Laboratory is in a unique position to bring about significant change to the field of surgical robotics.

Through a careful examination of surgical operations, researchers approach each problem by stripping away the physical and mental constraints imposed by decades of traditional surgical methodology. In this manner, the Brain Tool Laboratory is able to advance the field of surgical robotics while keeping patient benefit and overall device value as its highest priorities.


Fielding the strongest team in surgical robotics

Dr. Patrick Codd

Lab Director
Neurosurgery Faculty
patrick.codd [at]
Dr. Codd is the Director of the Brain Tool Laboratory and an Assistant Professor at Duke University. Nearly a decade of surgical achievements and a strong passion for technology have given him a keen understanding of the relationship between engineering and neurosurgery. – bio

Wes Hill

Graduate Student
westin.hill [at]
After spending three years working among the brightest minds in defense, Wes was recruited to the BTL from MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He is an extremely versatile engineer, capable of crossing any number of subject fields in search of the best solution.

Dr. Kimberly Hoang

Neurosurgery Resident
kimberly.hoang [at]
Dr. Hoang is in her fourth year of residency with Duke Neurosurgery. Her comprehensive knowledge of neurosurgical operations is complemented by a contagious energy and strong aptitude for engineering. Simply put, the team would be lost without her. – bio

David Britton

Engineer / Legal Analyst
Graduate Student
david.britton [at]
David is pursuing a dual degree in law and engineering – we were lucky to get him on loan from the Humans and Autonomy Laboratory. Besides having a strong engineering skill set, his insight into the relationship between law and robotics has proven invaluable.

Wes Ross

Graduate Student
If in doubt, hire a Wes. A critical thinker and always excited about the work at hand, Weston is an integral part of the BTL and his influence stretches far beyond his role of leading the laser-tissue interaction research for the TumorCNC.

Lefko Charalambous

Neurosurgery Research Aide
Lefko is a recent graduate, fresh out of Duke’s neuroscience program. His strong background in functional neuroanatomy, insatiable curiosity, and creative bent have played a critical role in the development of innovative solutions to modern surgical problems.

Dr. Avra Laarakker

Neurosurgery Research Aide
Avra brings a unique background in medicine, mathematics, education, and lumber grading to BTL in addition to an international influence. We are delighted that this born and raised Canadian and recent graduate from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology medical school has joined our team.

Dr. Shervin Rahimpour

Neurosurgery Resident
Dr. Rahimpour is a second year neurosurgery resident. With a research background in chemical physics and mathematics his primary clinical interests are in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery

Dr. Andrew Cutler

Neurosurgery Resident
Dr. Cutler is in his first year of residency with Duke Neurosurgery. He strives to push the envelope of Neurosurgery through his background in mechanical and bioengineering. He believes the best solutions happen through collaboration.

Sreekar Mantena

Sreekar is a high school student at NCSSM. He is passionate about leveraging emerging technologies to make a difference in the field of healthcare, and is a robotics enthusiast.

looking to join the team?

The Brain Tool Laboratory has openings for qualified students from most engineering backgrounds.
Take your time crafting a message; we will not respond to canned emails.

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