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Bouchet Executive Board

 President: Rossie Clark-Cotton, 4th Year, PhD Candidate, Cell Biology

Treasurer: Brandon Hunter, 3rd Year, PhD Candidate, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Black Tie Dinner Co-Chair: Nicole Solomon, 4th Year, PhD Candidate, Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

Black Tie Dinner Co-Chair: Elias Eteshola, PhD Candidate, Pharmacology & Cancer Biology/Surgery

Social Chair: Aleah Bowie, 5th Year, PhD Candidate, Evolutionary Anthropology

Dessert Social Chair: Gwenaëlle Thomas, 2nd Year, PhD Student, Neurobiology

Advocacy Chair: Dionna Gamble, 4th Year, PhD Candidate, University Program in Genetics & Genomics

Liaison: Felix Nwogbo, 5th Year, PhD Candidate, Chemistry


    • Good Morning Kelly,

      Dionna and I are currently in the process of organizing the outreach committee and events we’d like to do. How can I help you?

  1. I’ve heard from fellow alumni that Bouchet is still growing strong! Good to see that it’s true! Please find a way to keep alumni abreast of the events as I would love to attend. Keep up the great work!

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