Remember your first mentor? Now it’s your turn.

Undergraduate, medical students, graduate students, science professional students, or postdoctoral fellows, who are themselves, part of underrepresented minority groups are in a unique position to share their experience with navigating a challenging world. Women who are pursuing careers in medicine, engineering and science, as well as mentors who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, play an important role by showing these young people the possibilities that are available.

Build lifelong relationships as you watch these kids blossom!

BOOST recruits 25 medical, science, engineering, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to serve as BOOST Science Coaches.  Preference is given to applicants with a passion for helping the next generation of scientist and doctors.  Channel your former mentor as you help spark these young people’s interest in science, technology and medicine.

As a BOOST Science Coach, you can:

  • Work with students in the classroom. BOOST Coaches support local classrooms, working closely with a teacher and groups of students to teach and enhance the science curriculum, once a month.
  • Lead a Scholar Research Team. All BOOST Coaches become mentors, working closely with students selected as “Science Scholars.”  Then you and your team will work together to design and carry out an intensive research project.

Science Coaches participate in an orientation to prepare for their new role.  Coaches learn about the BOOST program’s goals and its place as part of an overarching strategy to increase diversity in STEM professions.

Monthly, informal gatherings provide opportunities for ongoing support and feedback, and foster a community of those committed to nurturing younger students from underrepresented populations who can become the next generation of physicians, engineers and scientists.

Online applications are now closed. Contact boostatduke@gmail.com with questions.