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BOOST Scholar Code of Conduct

As a BOOST Scholar, I pledge to: 

Actively participate in BOOST events, including but not limited to Launch, Science Saturdays, Field Trips, and Science Symposium. I acknowledge that active participation can mean speaking up or asking a question by using my voice or using the reactions and chat functions in Zoom. If I am unable to actively participate in a BOOST event, I pledge to communicate with my Coach or another staff member to notify them of my circumstances. 

Demonstrate respect for my BOOST Community, including but not limited to my self, fellow Scholars, BOOST administrative staff, Coaches, Junior Coaches, Junior Coaches in Training, and guest presenters. I will demonstrate respect by upholding the BOOST Core Values outlined below: 

  • Diversity. I acknowledge that all parts of me are wonderful and welcomed in the BOOST community. I pledge to show up as my whole self, bringing everything that makes me who I am as I engage in BOOST spaces. I commit to honoring my fellow BOOST community members by supporting them in doing the same. I will celebrate what makes each of us unique and be open to learning with one another. 
  • Safety. I will do my part to cause no harm to my self and others in the BOOST community. If I do cause harm, I commit to acknowledging the harm caused and working to restore peace and trust with my BOOST community. I pledge to demonstrate care and compassion for myself and my peers and will do my part to keep BOOST a safe space for all of us.
  • Equity. I acknowledge that no two human experiences are exactly the same and that our needs are different. I support myself and others in having what we each need to feel comfortable and confident to participate fully in BOOST activities. 
  • Access. I acknowledge that I am a powerful human being with access to certain spaces, resources, and privileges that others may not have. I commit to understanding my privileges and doing my best to share power in BOOST and beyond, recognizing that everyone is deserving, important, and needed.