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BOOST Scholars Build Prosthetics with Hand 2 Hold

Aaman Abdul-Malek E

This post was contributed by BOOST XXL Junior Coach Aaman Abdul-Malek E.

Hand 2 Hold helps people get access to prosthetics that they may not have been able to afford otherwise. It began with two medical students who felt they could tackle the affordability issue themselves by using a 3D printer to build prosthetics for kids who couldn’t afford them.

Hand 2 Hold also gives back to the community. They have two parts of their organization: one part being to make prosthetics, and the other to give kids the knowledge and inspiration necessary to create things that help people – something that is embraced by the BOOST program.

Hand 2 Hold is particularly special to the BOOST community. A BOOST affiliate who had a condition which interfered with the development of their limbs accessed Hands 2 Hold, which helped that individual get the prosthetics they needed without having to worry about paying such a hefty price.

At BOOST’s March 23rd Science Saturday, Hand 2 Hold led a presentation that was a very informative, interactive experience. BOOST Scholars got to learn about what it took to make prosthetics and how much they’d cost. Presenters talked about the different types of prosthetics, the price ranges that came with each, background on how each prosthetic works, and how they help others. There were plenty of demonstrations, as BOOST Scholars got to put together some prosthetic hands themselves and get a feel for how they’re made.

You can learn more about Hand 2 Hold here: https://dukegroups.com/organization/hand2hold. Contact hand2hold@duke.edu with questions.

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