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Shree Bose Inspires Boost Scholars at Science Saturday

JCIT Mackenzie

This post was contributed by Mackenzie, BOOST Junior-Coach-In-Training.

Science Saturday is a four-hour event where BOOST scholars get together for hands-on science experiments and group learning. These events happen once a month and usually take place at Duke University’s Trent Semans Center. Scholars also get time to split into small groups and work on the projects that they will eventually present at the end-of-year BOOST Science Symposium.

Shree Bose pictured with Piper

On January 26, we had Ms. Shree Bose come in and explain how and why science has been such a big influence in her life. Shree is a Harvard Graduate, Google Science Fair Winner and MD-PhD candidate at Duke University School of Medicine. When she was young, Shree’s grandfather passed away due to cancer. This is what jump-started her interest in cancer studies. However, she was often receiving questions from children about technology. This is what propelled her interest in coding and science education.

Because of this interest, Shree decided to create a program that kids and teenagers could use to explore the world of coding. She co-founded Piper, a Minecraft toolbox that is now available to people across the United States. Piper inspires students to explore programming and have fun with technology.

After telling BOOST scholars about what she did in order to get to this point in science and in her life, Shree took small groups to work on building some of the first ever Piper kits that were made. BOOST Scholars and Junior Coaches took turns working with the toolkit, and eventually made the Piper kit functional.

When talking to Ms. Bose, she spoke about her hopes for the future of BOOST scholars. “I hope the students in BOOST end up taking the wide range of skills that they learn here and apply them to incredible future careers in STEM,” she said. This shows that even the most talented, successful scientists, care about the generations after them.

Seeing and hearing about the success of Ms. Shree helped me realize that even a small interest in one topic can end up defining your entire life. With focus, dedication, and time, anyone can do anything. The standards and limitations put forth by society should not be what control your life. Instead you should try your hardest and enjoy every moment, because you never know what the future has in store for you.

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