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This summer the Benjamin N. Duke Class of 2015 scholars are taking part in their Carolina Summer of Service in Marion County, South Carolina. The scholars live and work together at various non-profit organizations in Marion, Mullins, and Florence. The experience is designed to create tightly knit communities between the scholars and local residents and within the scholars themselves. Through full-time internships, a group service project, a community portrait project, dinners with community members, and complete immersion in the community, the BN Duke Scholars engage in a unique experience mutually beneficial to both the citizens of Marion County and themselves.

To fully document our time in Marion, we have sectioned our blog into three pages: Life in Marion, Partnership with Paws to the Rescue, and Meeting Marion.

Life in Marion

The first portion of our blog will be made up of both day to day and special activities that we take part in during the summer. All eight scholars contribute and and may write posts about both individual and group experiences. This is our live journal meant to keep you updated on our stay in South Carolina. Check it out to see what we’re up to!


Click here to visit Life in Marion 


Dog Days of Summer: partnership with Paws to the Rescue

For our group service project that will span our entire summer, we have chosen to improve the Marion County animal shelter, Paws to the Rescue. Encompassing everything from organizational overhaul to comprehensive facility cleaning to permanent structural improvement, we expect to leave a long lasting, tangible impact on the shelter and the residents who benefit from it. We hope that our participation will bring the community together through the shared connection of caring for animals.

Click here to visit Dog Days of Summer 


Meeting Marion

In an effort to paint a picture of the people and culture in the Pee Dee area, we are keeping a running collection of snapshots, filled with people we meet both in the workplace and everyday life. This collection is meant to expose you, the reader, to a wide breadth of people in order to dissolve any preconceived stereotypes you may have about the region. We also hope that these stories of our friends read like a story that documents and dignifies members of the place we now call home.

Click here to visit Meeting Marion

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