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Chasing Arthur


photo 2

The headlines dominating local news captured the intensity of today’s weather anomaly:

“Arthur looms”
“Mandatory evacuations” (of Hatteras Island)
“Sustained winds of at least 96 miles per hour”
“Bearing down on Coastal Carolina”

A quick Google search (after scrolling through some nonsense about a children’s show) confirmed the magnitude of this rogue tropical storm. Repeatedly, similarly daunting headlines from sources who only profit by grabbing reader’s attention quickly, appeared on the feed. The media clearly warns caution.

Perhaps the best predictor of Arthur’s impending, fury, though, is evidenced by the actions of the locals – seasoned hurricane veterans, who know exactly how to deal with extreme weather. At least four cars have been seen headed away from the beach in the last 24 hours, and early this morning, a black sedan was spotted with it’s windshield wipers beating furiously on at least the medium setting.

Clearly, the storm situation is being taken very seriously here in Georgetown, SC.

But in desperate times like these, heroes often rise. Today, RDOG, JV, and I braved Arthur. We don’t like to call ourselves, “heroes;” really, we’re just concerned citizens looking out for the residents of Hobcaw and Pawley’s. But if you’d like to give us this prestigious title, we humbly accept.

During the most treacherous part of today’s typhoon, we ventured to the shore. Video camera in hand, we documented the havoc – reporting so that everyone else might stay safe and dry indoors. We witnessed the treacherous, unbridled power of the ocean, but also heartwarming examples of the fearlessness (and utter disregard for authority) of some of Georgetown’s finest.


We learned that surfing is worth risking jail time.


We both loved and lost a flower-patterned boogie board named Patsy.

 photo 3

We clung to each other for support in the roughest surges of the sea.

 photo 1 10.13.46 PM

We transversed the half-submerged, abandoned piers jutting out into the furious waves.

And, ultimately, we put together a newscast that we’re certain could have saved lives (that is, if there had been anyone actually at risk, or if anyone had actually been able to see it).

No, friends, there is no need to thank us. Escaping Arthur’s wrath intact was thanks enough.

(Adapted from loganbnsummer2014.weebly.com)

And some more serious reflection, if sentimental, feel-good gooey words are a thing you enjoy reading: 

As you might have guessed from the epic adventure detailed above, today, we experienced our first (and probably last) hurricane of CSOS 2014. Arthur hit Georgetown as a tropical storm in the process of strengthening to a category 1, gaining confidence on it’s way into the more northern Carolina. As in all life events, the presence of Arthur forced us to make a choice – mope around Hobcaw (the wooden hut in the middle of the marsh) waiting for the rain to stop, or embark on an adventure , enjoying every moment of this summer together (even in the wind and rain). 

Choosing to look on the bright side of things makes life happier. And taking your friends with you on joy-seeking adventures? That makes life happiest. Today was a BN success. Not because we accomplished the most or because we attained some incredible epiphany, but because we spent it appreciating the most important thing we have: each other. People matter. Making the most of every moment matters. Our friendly neighborhood hurricane taught us a lot of valuable lessons. And while we lost Patsy to the waves today, we managed to hold onto each other. In the end, that’s what really counts.

So much BN love.


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