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Donna Tuccero: Treatment, understanding of diabetes expanded in past 50 years

By Donna Tuccero, M.D. Earlier this week a resident shared that she had lost a close family member to complications of diabetes. That family member was only in her mid-60’s – young given the fact this woman’s life expectancy was 81 years. My mind drifted back 50 years as I recalled my beloved “Nana” who… Read More »

Resident Roundup: Where does all the grief go?

By Everlyn Perez, M.D.  Grief can be a burden, but also an anchor. You get used to the weight, how it holds you in place. — Sarah Dessen As physicians we are exposed to extraordinary pain and suffering. In the hospital setting we bear witness to debilitating injuries, incurable disease, and death. In an outpatient… Read More »

What is the ‘patient experience’ of our care?

By Sharon Hull, M.D., MPH These days, there is a lot of talk about “the patient experience” in health care. Insurers are looking at this topic, and providers and clinics are being “graded” on related metrics. We even have our own “Balanced Score Card” that our division and department leadership, and the health system, are… Read More »

Congratulations to the Duke Family Medicine Residency Class of 2016

By Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, MD, FAAFP On June 3, the Duke Family Medicine Residency family will gather to celebrate the class of 2016. Tiffany Cagle, M.D.; Nikki Henry, M.D.; Joshua Lancaster, M.D.; and Farhad Modarai, DO, will be graduating, and what an amazing three years it has been with them. Our graduates are impressive people and… Read More »

Duke Family Medicine Center expanding scope of practice of certified medical assistants

By Deborah Sharp-Dale, PA-C One of the most compelling aspects of family medicine care is providing medical care to an extremely diverse group of people. We see patients from birth to death and whatever lies between. Family medicine is best served through continuity of care, with providers and nursing staff getting to know their patients… Read More »