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Part-Time (20 Hours/Week)

Responsible for managing the content and presence for multiple department websites, including divisions and programs, and act as a liaison to divisions and programs for content residing on these sites. Work closely with assigned content providers in divisions and programs to ensure that all website content is uploaded to the site on a timely basis, refreshed and updated according to the content schedule, and that information and its design flow adheres to branding specifications and is conducive to a user friendly find/view pattern.

Maintain responsibility for overall navigational design of websites, and provide technical support and training to divisional and program content providers in the design of divisional websites.

Liaising and consulting with department IT Server Team, website vendors and Duke Health Technology Web Services for website and server maintenance and upgrades. Monitor websites using Servers Alive and investigate if repeated alerts occur. Monitor IIS logs for any security anomalies.

Evaluate new content for industry accuracy, brand/voice consistency, spelling, grammar, style, punctuation, web accessibility, web writing style. Gather website material from a variety of sources as well as editing, proofing and posting said material content. Helping to load content such as news stories, events, photos, etc. Evaluate all content for its value in search engine optimization according to key word frequency, key word density, formatting, etc.

Serve as a chairman’s office Scholars@Duke power user and proactively work with Scholars@Duke power users in divisions to keep faculty profiles on the websites up-to-date.

Using software programs such as Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, and InDesign to create interactive and static infographics, illustrations, and other web-based visual enhancements. Serve as an administrator to department social media accounts and collaborate with divisions and Senior Public Relations Specialist on content, posting schedules, and campaigns.  Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.

Regularly monitor and report Google Analytics for all sites for evaluation to managers and Senior Public Relations Specialist, and aid in interpreting results and impact in individual divisions and programs.


Interpret client and art director needs and express those needs and goals in graphic form for web display and distribution. Design and produce web sites including typography, graphic design, and coding. Produce functioning, computer code for web sites incorporating user interface, links, and navigational elements. Produce and fine-tune html code for web sites to ensure client objectives are met, navigation and links are clean, and site has graphic and user appeal. Design and create professional-quality slide graphics, posters and print materials using various computer software and hardware combinations to meet educational and promotional needs. Keep abreast of and utilize contemporary practices, trends and technologies in layout, design and production of text and graphics for online media and print media.

Community Health

This position is full time, and is located at the Durham site of NPCC. This position will be part of a Care Management Team to provide community based case management services to a targeted adult NC Medicaid population with diabetes in Person County.

Occupational Summary:  The Nurse Care Manager will perform resource management, management of disease states, care facilitation, referral to other levels of care, and other related duties.  Works collaboratively with the care team to facilitate achievement of desired treatment outcomes.

Work Performed:

  1. Accessing and systematically using data from multiple sources such as patient medical records, claims, and program metric reports to target recipient(s) and provider(s) for outreach, education, and intervention.
  2. Monitoring system access to care, services, and treatment including linkage to the medical home.
  3. Addressing the total individual, inclusive of medical, psychosocial, behavioral, and spiritual needs.
  4. Involving the patient and their support systems (i.e. caregiver, family, etc.) in the decision-making process.
  5. Using a patient-centric, collaborative partnership approach to assist the patient with improved self-management.
  6. Utilizing proven processes to measure a patient’s understanding and acceptance of the proposed plan(s), his/her willingness to change, and his/her support to maintain health behavior change.
  7. Expanding the interdisciplinary team in planning care for individuals.
  8. Communicating and coordinating with all provider(s) and member(s) of the care team as needed to minimize fragmented care.
  9. Navigating transitions of care – generally from hospital to home.
  10. Monitoring quality and effectiveness of interventions to the population by setting long term and/or short-term specific, measurable goal(s).
  11. Advocating for patient(s) and supporting provider(s) to ensure delivery of appropriate, evidence based care.
  12. Supporting the medical home through education and outreach to patient(s) and provider(s).
  13. Facilitating Quality Improvement activities that educate, support, and monitor provider(s), regarding evidence based care for best practice/National Standards of Care (Adapted from CMSA, 2010).
  14. Other related duties

Skills Required:

  1. Effective interviewing skills for use especially when assessing patients’ conditions, problems, and interests.
  2. Relationship-building skills when dealing with multiple medical teams and providers.
  3. Conflict-resolution skills when reaching consensus about plans of care and treatment decisions.
  4. Confidence, compassion, political savvy, and attention to detail, demonstrating ability to apply specific skills as specific decisions dictate.
  5. Practice skills and techniques that reflect quality performance such as negotiators, problem solvers, advisors, educators, critical thinkers, communicators, risk managers and integrators.
  6. Documentation skills in accurately and efficiently charting patient encounters in the patient medical record and in software developed to capture individual care management activities and population based program metrics.

Education and Experience:

Registered Nurse, preferred BSN.  At least two years of experience with community care management.

Community Health 

Local Access to Coordinated Healthcare (LATCH) is a community-based care management program that strives to improve the health and healthcare access of uninsured Durham County residents. LATCH is currently accepting applicants for one full-time (40hr/week) SOAR Case Manager.  This position will provide time-limited assistance in applying for federal disability assistance and benefits education to LATCH enrollees who are potentially eligible for disability through a combination of in-home, telephonic and clinic-based interventions.

Supportive activities might include:  initiate contact with patients to assess their need for assistance and education on the process of applying for disability benefits (SSI/SSDI); screen patients to determine eligibility for benefits; assist clients to complete necessary paperwork for a disability claim and acting as a liaison between the claimant, health care providers, Social Security Administration (SSA), Disability Determination Services (DDS), and other service providers involved in the application process to ensure that it is filed and processed; review medical records to compose medical summary report summarizing disability and functional impairments; communicate with medical providers to ensure functional impairments are appropriately documented in medical records to substantiate an applicant’s inability to work; build strong relationships with SSA field office staff and the State Disability Determination Services office in order to advocate for patient’s claim and address patient questions about the disability process; refer claimants to available community resources.

The SOAR Case Manager will also support current efforts to coordinate and conduct educational activities with healthcare professionals to improve their understanding of the disability application process and to foster greater collaboration and coordination among who providers that serve the disabled and may be involved in the filing process.

Candidates should possess the following skills and experience:

  • Recent experience conducting in-home and telephonic case management, patient navigation and patient education activities in underserved communities;
  • Experience and/or degree in Social Work, Community Health, Public Health, Nursing, Psychology, Health Education or related field;
  • Familiarity with Durham County’s healthcare system, social services programs, disability services, and other community resources;
  • Ability to work effectively with medical professionals, governmental agencies, community-based organizations, and clients in various settings;
  • At ease working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultural belief systems;
  • Motivated and self-directed with a capacity to independently manage a patient caseload;
  • Team-oriented and able to maintain positive working relationships with co-workers;
  • Excellent organizational skills, flexibility, and ability to prioritize work demands;
  • A valid NC driver’s license and a clean driving record.


The person in this position will perform a variety of duties involved in entering, collecting, and documenting data for two studies related to the health and weight of very young children. The job involves data entry, checking data, in-person, phone, and written contact with study participants for the purpose of conducting a variety of assessments including anthropometrics, observational assessments, and interviews. Some of the person’s time will be spent in the field in child care centers, where data collection is taking place. Candidates will 1) enter and check study data, 2) manage participant files, 3) have frequent in-person, phone, and email contact with study participants and 4) conduct study assessments. The person in this position should have excellent communication skills, and enjoy meeting with potential subjects (pregnant women, child care providers, and parents of young children). In addition, the person should be comfortable working with diverse populations and have familiarity with research and data collection methods. On occasion, the candidate will be expected to travel to sites in the greater area and to work in the evenings. This position requires access to a car; all mileage will be reimbursed. Bachelor’s degree  is  STRONGLY PREFERRED   and research experience and facility with MS Access is preferred. Prior experience working in a childcare setting or with mothers and young children is a plus. This is a full-time grant-funded position with benefits; it is funded for approximately 1 year.

Community Health

Candidate will work as member of NPCC’s multi-disciplinary Home Based Geriatric Services team.  Candidate will:

  • Provide social work consultations to HBGS patients at their homes throughout Durham and surrounding counties.
  • Assist patients with addressing and identifying socioeconomic issues that impact their ability to manage their specific healthcare needs.
  • Assist patients with reconnecting with existing providers and/or establishing additional services when needed.
  • Collaborate with the HBGS and DCC team members including nurses, OT, and providers to ensure that the provision of services is specific to the individual needs of the patient.
  • Document all patient encounters in Maestro and COACH.
  • Follow-up with patients as necessary to confirm that issues/concerns have been appropriately addressed.


Community Health

Perform routine administrative and patient care supportive duties in a Health System medical practice to assist medical and/or nursing staff in the examination and treatment of patients.

Taking medical histories and recording vital signs. Explaining treatment procedures to patients and preparing patients for examinations and procedures.

Community Health

Administrative Duties:   (70%)

Perform administrative duties in support of general medical office activities, including the following:

  1. Patient registration – refer to Opening Procedure Manual. (15%)
  2. Schedule appointments and/or call EMS when requested and outside urgent referrals (mammogram/studies) according to instructions and procedures; prepare documents and materials for clinics and/or patient admissions as requested. (15%)
  3. Calling prescription orders as ordered/written to the pharmacy for the Family Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, and Physician. (5%)
  4. Performing computer work with regard to patient billing, immunizations, medical reports/summaries. (15%)
  5. Answer telephone, screen calls, respond to routine questions, and take message in accordance with providers’ instructions; serve as receptionist for office as needed. (5%)
  6. Set up and maintain office files of computerized reports, correspondence and miscellaneous information in an organized fashion. See immunization protocol (5%)
  7. Screen and sort mail and documents; respond to routine items not requiring supervisor’s attention according to instructions and standard procedures. (5%)
  8. Responsible for scheduling and coordinating schedules for time away, arrangements for educational conferences, staff meetings, and other meetings as requested. (5%)

Clinical Duties: (30%)

  1. Maintain detailed record of tests performed and report lab test results to appropriate medical personnel. (5%)
  2. Record patient interview, history and chief complaint for medical records. (5%)
  3. Perform a variety of selected patient care tasks under the direction of the supervising clinician to assist medical and nursing personnel in the examination, treatment and care of patients (see placing patient in room protocol) (10%)
  4. Perform other related duties, including taking patient vital signs (see Vitals check-in protocol), incidental to the work described herein. (10%)


Work requires the ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions generally acquired through a high school education. Must be have excellent written and oral communication skills; and should be able to work well independently as this position is the sole support of this clinic and administrative office.  Candidate should have a minimum of two years administrative/clerical experience.

Community Health

Community Health

Provide high quality primary medical care under supervision of Division physician within the scope of authority granted by the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners.


Provide direct patient care, as allowable by law and training, in any of the Division’s clinical care sites, including hospital settings.

  • Assess patient complaints and problems, including performing diagnostic procedures, prescribing necessary treatment and services; and recording normal and abnormal data and conclusions for review by supervising physician.
  • Coordinate and schedule laboratory studies, diagnostic procedures, and consultations; explain to the patient the importance, preparation, nature and anticipated effects of scheduled diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.
  • Carry out therapeutic services under indirect physician supervision such as cast application and removal, wound suturing and dressing changes.
  • Monitor progress of patients, maintain a record of the patient’s progress, and consult with supervising physician when patient’s progress does not meet anticipated and/or predetermined criteria.
  • Provide review of labs and x-rays of the back-up physician and other physicians as requested.
  • Contact patients for the back-up physician as requested, with documentation in the chart about the patient’s condition.
  • Respond to calls from patients and physicians, and arrange for follow-up care for back-up physicians when the physician is unavailable.
  • Evaluate and triage phone calls from patients.


  • Participate in ongoing Division committees as required or requested.
  • Additional administrative responsibilities may be negotiated.


Arrange for and attend continuing medical education activities as recommended by certifying board, back-up physician, or Program Coordinator/Division Chief.

  • Provide supervision for Duke medical students, as requested, and for Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant students as negotiated.
  • Practitioners who have faculty status are expected to document satisfactory involvement in at least one teaching activity per year.
  • Additional educational responsibilities may be negotiated.


  • Participate in the Division’s research projects as requested, utilizing and following established research protocols.
  • Additional research activities may be negotiated.

Perform other related duties as requested.

REQUIREMENTS: Registered as a Geriatric or Family Nurse Practitioner or licensed as a Physician Assistant in    North Carolina.

  • Approval from the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners to practice at designated


  • Certification in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support within three months of

entry, and continuously thereafter.


 Medical:                      Primary back-up supervision

Administrative:            (overall performance, salary, policies, etc) – Program Coordinator/Division Chief

Community Health

The person in this position is responsible for handling the multiple day-to-day financial processes for the Division.

Work Performed:

  1. Responsible for setting up vendor accounts/POs and processing invoice payments. This includes working closely with vendors to complete the necessary vendor packets/information (OSAs, RSSAs for grants, etc) in setting up an OSA/PO; and working closely with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely submission of invoices and other documentation. This position is also responsible for maintaining the PO tracking database and monitoring all POs to ensure that renewals/terminations are done in a timely manner and tracking of PO balances are maintained. In addition, this position is also responsible for routine verification of payments to vendors, and troubleshooting as needed.
  2. Responsible for the timely and accurate clearing out of all Division procurement card transactions.
  3. Responsible for the timely submission of all Division travel and miscellaneous reimbursements; and assisting with travel arrangements as needed.
  4. Responsible for the processing and submission of AP check requests.
  5. Responsible for processing and submitting deposits; preparation and submission of monthly invoices; and updating and maintaining the division’s AR database.
  6. Responsible for all Division ordering, and inventory control.
  7. Responsible for monthly preparation and submission of Supplemental Pay requests.
  8. Responsible for submission of JV corrections of any expense errors as needed/requested.
  9. Responsible for reporting any irregular requests or spending patterns to the Division Administrator.
  10. Responsible for review of monthly payroll information to assure accuracy, and verify any effort distribution changes have been made; and follow up on any requested changes as needed.
  11. Responsible for clear understanding of financial GAPs, allowable expenditures on all fund codes, and for processing payments accordingly. Responsible for notifying Division Administrator of any problems/concerns.
  12. Maintain quality communication with Finance Manager and Division Administrator. In addition, maintain quality communication and serve as liaison with departmental personnel to obtain information to verify or support financial records and ensure compliance with established institutional policies and procedures; prepare correspondence and answer inquiries regarding accounting information as required. Work closely with staff in Procurement, Accounting and Accounts Payable in order to get questions answered and paperwork processed in the most timely and accurate way.
  13. Assist with preparation and submission of annual Division budget, including communication of budgetary guidelines and timetables to appropriate faculty and staff to assure that Department timelines are met.

Community Health

The Program Coordinator will work in a highly integrated team environment.  They will be responsible for the coordination of planning and publicity for division programs and events and general administrative support.  This position requires attention to detail, flexibility, and creativity, a willingness to be a team player combined with an ability to work proactively and independently.

Chairman’s office

This position is in the Chairman’s Office in the Department of Community and Family Medicine.  In close association with the Financial Director, the Financial Management Analyst III will be responsible for department-wide budget development and analysis.  This position will be required to understand the Department’s programmatic operations and the financial flow amongst multiple divisions to effectively perform assigned duties.

Community Health   (Just for Us)

Position will adhere to population-based, consultative role of the primary care behavioral health model. Responsibilities will include: conducting functional assessments to determine social situation, physical environment, mental health, substance abuse, expressed trauma and other behavioral concerns and economic status. Interface with key providers (e.g. discharge planners, social workers, physicians, psychiatrist etc.) within the hospital, primary care practices, public health and social service departments, as well as mental health agencies and other community resources to assure that patients are linked to and engaged in appropriate services. Identify and address ongoing patient barriers that may interfere with success and assist patient with addressing those concerns.

Community Health

Analyze, maintain specific phases of Duke CFM Community Health’s COACH system’s operations, procedures and functions.

  • SQL Server 2012 (T-SQL), C#/ASP.Net Programmer
  • SQL Server Reporting Services & SQL Server Integration Services
  • Meet with managers and IT Team to determine reporting program needs and procedures for custom applications.
  • Develop, modify and maintain computer programs to effect implementation, revisions and continued operations of computer application systems
  • Prepare and maintain SQL reports\dashboards for internal and external customers
  • Assist with design and maintenance of alerts dashboard for internal and external customers
  • Analyze specific organizational and procedural problems and design queries, reports, and/or applications to address them.
  • Work with Vendor/IT Team members to modify computer programs to upgrade/improve computer applications
  • Test and debug new programs/data feeds to verify their accuracy and completeness
  • Maintain and revise existing programs to ensure operating proficiency or to adapt programs to new requirements.
  • Assist in developing specifications for data processing systems to include system narratives, data elements, data gathering and verification techniques or methods, accounting and auditing controls, flow charts, decision tables, input-output requirements, records form layout and processing specifications.
  • Prepare and maintain forms and procedure manuals to effect implementation and continuing operation of computer application systems.
  • Maintain liaison with representatives of other hospitals for the purpose of securing/maintaining HL7/XML data feeds in a multi-county area.
  • Provide technical direction to, instruct and coordinate the individual assignments of lower level computer programmer personnel.
  • Good communications skills.
  • Ability to work with many levels of personnel e.g. management, care managers, other team members and other IT members.
  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described above.

401086570 and 401086568
Family Medicine

Advanced Practice Provider (Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant), School of Medicine

The Advanced Practice Provider (APP) (physician assistant/nurse practitioner) will provide primary health care at the Duke Family Medicine Center, an outpatient clinic. The physician extender will provide acute and chronic care, preventive care, health maintenance and prenatal care to new and established patients of all ages. Duties may include but are not limited to those listed below, and may include other minor outpatient surgical procedures as deemed appropriate by the supervising physician. The APP will prescribe all medications except for cancer chemotherapy agents and thalidomide.

1)            Primary care of undifferentiated patients (all age groups), acute and chronic illnesses:

  1. a) Obtain complete medical histories and history of present illness
  2. b) Perform complete or focused physical examinations
  3. c) Order and interpret laboratory and X-ray studies as indicated
  4. d) Arrive at diagnostic conclusions
  5. e) Recommend therapies, prescribe medications
  6. f) Initiate referrals to specialists and other medical disciplines, such as physical therapy
  7. g) Consult with supervising physician or backup supervising physician as appropriate and      necessary

2)            Health maintenance examinations on patients of all ages

  1. a) Pediatric well child checks
  2. i)   Obtain medical and developmental histories
  3. ii)   Perform complete physical examinations

iii)   Order administration of vaccines as per immunization schedule

  1.     iv)   Order and interpret screening laboratory or other diagnostic tests as indicated
  2. v)       Prescribe medications as indicated for identified conditions
  3. vi)   Provide documentation for schools and other entities as requested by parent or                                                  guardian

vii)      Provide anticipatory guidance and health education

  1. b) Adult health screening examinations
  2. i)   Obtain complete medical histories
  3. ii)   Perform complete physical examinations

iii)   Order administration of vaccines as per immunization schedule

  1.     iv)   Order and interpret screening laboratory or other diagnostic tests as indicated
  2. v)       Prescribe medications as indicated for identified conditions
  3. vi)   Provide anticipatory guidance and health education

vii)   Provide contraceptive counseling as indicated

viii)     Provide preconception counseling as indicated

3)            Procedures

  1. a) Incision and drainage of skin lesions
  2. b) Removal of skin tags and minor skin lesions


Completion of accredited Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Program, as appropriate

Board certified, where applicable

Current NC License by NCMB Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner with the NC Medical Board

Current DEA registration

Credentialing and ongoing credentialing through Duke University Health System

American Red Cross BLS certification

Adequate CME as outlined by NC Medical Board, Duke Credentialing Office, AAPA & AANP

Completion of required modules (safety, HIPAA, etc.)