Several plugins to be removed during week of July 25, 2016

The following plugins will be removed from the Sites@Duke system during the week of July 25, 2016, in accordance with Sites@Duke policies:

  1. CommentPress Core
  2. Flickr Photostream (recommended replacement: Flickr Justified Gallery)
  3. List Pages Shortcode
  4. Mapbox (recommended replacement: Google for WordPress)
  5. Onswipe
  6. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings (recommended replacement: WP-Polls)
  7. Random Image Gallery with Pretty Photo Zoom (recommended replacement: WordPress’ built-in gallery function)
  8. Register Plus
  9. Top Commentators Widget
  10. Twitter Tracker
  11. WP VeriteCo Timeline (recommended replacement: KnightLab TimelineJS)
  12. WTI Like Post (recommended replacement: KK I Like It)

These plugins were selected for one of three reasons:

  • It does not function as expected in the Sites@Duke environment.
  • It has not been updated by the creator within the last two years.
  • Very few Sites@Duke users have chosen to use it.

Admin users of affected sites have been notified via email, and a reminder email will be sent later this week. Where possible, we have suggested alternative plugins with similar functions. Please switch to the new plugins before July 25, 2016, to avoid functionality issues.

To confirm whether your sites are using one of these plugins, please log into your site, go to Plugins in the left-hand black sidebar, and click Active to see your list of active plugins. To test how your site will function or display without a particular plugin, please go to Plugins in the left-hand black sidebar and click the Deactivate link beneath the plugin name.

How to check your active plugins list

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