Sites@Duke Maintenance: Saturday, December 20, 6 to 9 a.m.

OIT will be upgrading the Sites@Duke system to version 4.0.1 on Saturday, December 20th between 6 and 9am. During this time, sites may be unavailable.

During this same maintenance window, we will also remove the Flickrpress plugin. In order to avoid functionality issues, users are advised to switch to either the Slickr Flickr or Flickr Photostream plugins before December 20th. (You can determine if you are using Flickrpress by visiting the Plugins tab after logging in to your site. If it’s active, deactivate it and then activate and configure either Slickr Flickr or Flickr Photostream depending on your specific needs.)

For technical support questions about Sites@Duke, the upcoming upgrade, or further assistance in switching Flickr plugins, please contact the OIT Service Desk at 919-684-2400.

Please note that all Sites@Duke site administrators will receive maintenance notification emails in accordance with our Terms of Use, linked from the Policies tab on the main Sites@Duke homepage. You can view your subscription information by logging in to the Mailing List Manager, available by searching the OIT site.

On behalf of the Duke WordPress team, thank you for your patience as we perform this important maintenance.

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