Plugins to be Removed During October 2014 Maintenance Window

Duke WordPress users have access to a list of plugins that provide extra functionality to their sites. These standard plugins are actively reviewed by the Duke WordPress team, and those that are not being used, are no longer supported, or provide duplicate functionality will be retired.

During our October 2014 maintenance window (currently scheduled for Saturday, October 11), the following plugins will be removed from the service:

  1. Table of Contents Creator: users of this plugin should switch to Table of Contents Plus
  2. Share This: users of this plugin should switch to Share Buttons by AddToAny
  3. Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons: users of this plugin should switch to Share Buttons by AddToAny

In cases where retired plugins are actively used by Duke WordPress users, we have suggested alternative plugins with similar functions. Please switch to the new plugin before October 11 to avoid functionality issues.

As always, if you would like to request a particular plugin be added to Duke WordPress, fill out the Feature Request Form. Your suggestions will be reviewed according to Sites@Duke policies for possible inclusion in an upcoming maintenance window.

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