How can I track my Duke WordPress site’s visitor stats?

You might be curious about how many people visit your Duke WordPress site (or want to know more about what they’re looking at!). There are two ways to do this:

Option 1: Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you tools to track the number of visits to your site, plus ways to see which pages your visitors viewed, what devices they used, etc. The catch is that you’ll need a Google account to use Google Analytics. Once you login to Google Analytics, choose to ‘create a new account’ for your particular site. Google will provide a ‘tracking code’ that you can copy and paste into your WordPress site. Once you have the tracking code, go back to your WordPress site’s Dashboard, and click Settings>Google Analytics. Paste your tracking code in the tracking code box and click Save Changes. Give Analytics a few days to start collecting data, then visit Google Analytics to see your results.

Option 2: Use’s statistics tools (the commercial site from WordPress) offers statistics tools that can be added to any WordPress site (whether they’re on or not). The catch here is that you’ll need a account to get the required API key.

1. If you don’t have one already, sign up for an account on

2. Once you have an account, login to your Duke WordPress site that you want to add WordPress stats to. Go to the Dashboard, click Plugins, and activate the Jetpack plugin. This plugin will then ask you to connect to via a brightly colored message on the screen (see below).

Clicking on the button above will then take you to a screen asking you to authenticate your account.

Once you’ve authenticated, you can chose from among a growing number of new add-ons from that can be added to your Duke WordPress site! Choose ‘Configure’ to finish setting up your Stats.


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