How can I archive my Duke WordPress site?

‘Archiving’ can mean different things to different people. There are several ways to save and/or ‘freeze’ a Duke WordPress site, including the following:

Option 1 – Export your content

If you just want to take all of your content out of Duke WordPress and save it, the best way is to visit the site, go to Tools > Export, and download your site’s text as .xml. This file can then be reloaded into another WordPress site at a later date. VERY IMPORTANT: your images and attached files do not get loaded with this .xml file…so don’t delete the site you’re archiving! When you have created a new WordPress site, you can then import the .xml file you saved, and the new site will allow you to pull in your images and attachments from the old site. After you have everything restored in the new site, you can delete the old one.

Option 2 – ‘Freezing’ a site (stopping others from posting to the blog and/or commenting)

In some cases you might want to keep the blog/site viewable, but stop your authors (students or colleagues who worked on the project) from posting anything new. If you’re the blog admin, you can do one of two things:

a) from the Dashboard for your site, go to Settings > Reading and select ‘I would like ‘xxxxxxx site’ to be visible only to admins.’ This will allow only admins to view and add to the site

b) if you’d rather others still be able to view your site, just not add to it (ex: past students who might want to see what they wrote), you’ll want to change their role in WP. From the Dashboard for your site, go to Users and select all students (you can also select multiple users at once – see the image below). Change the selected students to ‘subscribers’ using the dropdown menu. They’ll no longer be able to edit the site or add new content, but will still be able to view it.

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