How can I embed a Google Map or Google Calendar in my WordPress post or page?

Duke WordPress administrators and editors can embed Google Maps and/or Calendars on individual blog posts or pages.

1. Go to the Dashboard for the Duke WordPress site you want to add your map or calendar to (note: you must be an administrator of the site you want to add a survey to in order to do this next step!). Click Plugins then find and activate Unfiltered MU. This plugin will allow you to add the code that Google provides for sharing maps and/or calendars.

2. Go to Google Maps or Google Calendars and find the code you’ll need to add to WordPress.

For Google Maps:

Create your map, then click the ‘Link’ button. This will reveal both a hyperlink to the map and a box that displays the code you need to embed the map into your WordPress site. Copy the code and go back to your WordPress site.

For Google Calendar:

Visit your Google Calendar and find the specific calendar you want to embed. Click the dropdown menu for that calendar and choose ‘Calendar Settings’ (see image below).

Once in Calendar Settings, look for the options to Embed Calendar. You’ll be able to copy a chunk of code that you can then paste back into WordPress.

3. Create a new Page or Post in your Duke WordPress site. Once you’ve given the page a title, click the ‘HTML’ option for the editor.

4. Paste the code from Google in the HTML editor box and click Update or Publish to create the page or post. You should now see your embedded Google Map or Calendar on your WordPress page or post.

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