The Duke WordPress service includes dozens of themes adopted from the theme repository. Site owners can use these to change the design of their site. Different themes have different properties and may work better (or worse) with different plugins. Changing themes may substantially change the overall functionality of your site, so proceed with caution.


Given the wide variety of themes available, the Duke WordPress team does not provide detailed technical support for the multiple configurations possible in each theme.

Duke-branded themes are also available, inspired by the Style Guide template developed by the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications. The Duke-branded themes will reformat the display of any related sites when viewed on mobile devices.

A Duke School of Medicine theme is also available, including specific instructions for use.

Duke WordPress themes are actively reviewed by the team, and those that are not being used or are no longer supported will be retired.

See the entire list (must log in with your NetID).

Last updated March 2018

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