Adding photo galleries

WordPress offers a number of methods for adding photo galleries to posts.

1) Upload several images to a page or post, and choose insert a ‘gallery’

WordPress offers a built-in gallery option for displaying several images in post or page. WordPress will automatically provide a ‘Gallery’ option whenever you add more than one image to a Page or Post. Here’s a video demonstration:

If you’ve already added images using the Media section, you’ll need to ‘attach’ them to a Page or Post to get the Gallery option. For more information, visit the following tutorial pages.

Here’s an example of a simple gallery:

2) Add a Flickr gallery with the Flickrpress plugin

You can also use images from a Flickr search or feed to create a gallery display. First, activate the FlickrPress plugin for your site (Plugins>Flickrpress and click ‘Activate‘). This plugin provides several options including creating a set of Flick images in your sidebar (just add the Flickrpress widget under Appearance>Widgets) and adding a Flick gallery to a page or post. To add a gallery to page or post, you’ll need to use a ‘shortcode’ for the plugin – which is just a short set of instructions included in brackets directly in the text of your post. You’ll see the result when you click ‘Publish’. Instructions and options for the FlickrPress plugin code can be found here.

[flickrpress type=”rss” url=”″]

3) Embed a Flickr slideshow from Flickr

You can also use services like Flickr to create slideshows and ’embed’ them into a WordPress page. To add an embed code to a WordPress site, you’ll need to activate the ‘Unfiltered MU’ plugin (Plugin>Unfiltered MU and click ‘Activate‘). This plugin allows embedding content into the HTML of a WordPress Page or Post. FLick has more information on sharing slideshows.

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