Using WordPress for Simple Course Management: The Body in/on the Market

WordPress site: The Body in/on the Market
Site Administrator: Keith Wilhite, Lecturing Fellow, Thompson Writing Program
Course: Writing 20

Keith Wilhite’s site for his Writing 20 course “The Body in/on the Market” provides a good example of using a WordPress site as a lightweight alternative to using a more robust course management tool (ex: Blackboard). Wilhite used the site to post his syllabus, course schedule, links and more.

Wilhite also created a password protected WordPress page to provide students access to course readings:

To password-protect a blog post or page, or to make it private to your blog members, click the “Visibility” link in the Publish box and select one of the options.

Students in the course also wrote and posted assignments, paper drafts, and final papers in the main blog – choosing categories to help readers sort and search through the assignments.

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