Team Websites: Organizations and Global Competitiveness

WordPress site: Organizations and Global Competitiveness
Site Administrator
: Gary Gereffi, Professor of Sociology
Course: Sociology 142

In Gary Gereffi’s Organizations and Global Competitiveness course engages students in a “team project experience in designing and evaluating research connected to contemporary global issues.” In the past, these team projects have been presented as standard, HTML websites developed after several web trainings.  In Spring 2010, Gereffi’s students used WordPress to create their team sites.

Here’s an image of the main course site, which simply points to each team site (each team researched a particular product or industry).

Teams took on industries such as beef, footwear, wine and athletic shoes. The teams (comprised of 3-5 students) became ‘administrators’ of their team sites, giving them the ability to change the appearance and structure of the site, as well as the ability to add and edit content such as images, diagrams, and screenshots of spreadsheets to their pages in addition to the text of their team’s reports.

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