Students Blogging on a Global Forum: World Cup and World Politics

WordPress site: World Cup and World Politics
Site Administrator
: Laurent Dubois, Professor of History and Romance Studies
Course: Cultural Anthropology 180: World Cup and World Politics

According to the site’s About page, the World Cup and World Politics site provides a place for:

“commentators, including students in the Duke University class “World Cup and World Politics” to post thoughts, musings, rants, links, etc. related to the history and politics of soccer. With the course now over, the blog will continue to host discussion on the topic from (particularly devoted) students from the course, other interested students from Duke, and correspondents elsewhere who have decided to join in the fun.”


Students in Dubois’ Fall 2009 course were encouraged to participate in the active (and still ongoing) conversation via the site’s main blog. During the semester, student groups created pages to present their research projects. Once completed, the projects were made public to accept additional feedback and comments from the wider audience of soccer fanatics, history buffs and even some professional journalists.


On the technical side, Dubois created connections to the larger soccer community by linking to (and posting) Flickr feeds, RSS feeds (which displayed syndicated headlines from other popular sources), and more recently – by connecting the site to a Twitter account (see image below).


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