Examples from other universities

WordPressMU is much more than just a blogging tool. Here are some examples of WordPress sites being used for teaching and learning at other universities:

Course homepage/administration tool

WordPress can function as the central course administrative tool for faculty to share syllabi and other course materials, conduct course discussions, and collect students’ work.

Multimedia “curation” sites

The ability to link and categorize multimedia materials (audio, video, etc) makes WordPress an idea tool for creating sites that bring together materials from the rest of the web.

Presentations and research projects

Instead of presenting with a simple PowerPoint, why not create an entire mini-website devoted to the subject?

Student portfolios

Students can decide on the design, layout and presentation of content for their work in a particular course.

Student groups, lab management and more

Groups of students working on team-based projects can use WordPress as a team management tool (post and share resources, documents and updates), and as a notebook tool to capture their work as they go.


Of course, WordPress also works incredibly well as a blogging platform. Faculty may want to create a single blog and ask students to comment on particular topics. Faculty might also consider giving each student their own blog to organize course reflective writing activities, post papers, etc.

For more ideas:

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