Daily Archives: November 13, 2014

Windows matter! Of course!…and we measured them all

Fall migration has passed and our surveys are finished, however, we keep getting casual reports from people all over campus (thanks guys!).

One of the most important predictors of bird collisions is window area in a given building, besides surroundings, height, and others. Nicolette Cagle, Scott Winton, Charlene Wu, Erika Zambello, and Natalia Ocampo-Penuela spent one fun morning quantifying window area for 7 buildings at Duke where we do our surveys. Some windows were easy to measure…

but some were a little more challenging…


but we got them all!

CIEMAS has the largest quantity of glass, directly proportional to the insane amount of bird lives it takes every migration! Soon we’ll have more scientific insight into this correlation, but at least now we have quantified the windows and surveyed the birds! – We continue to get reports from people (which we really appreciate) and will start the survey again when the sun comes back…and bring the birds with him!