There is a serious lack of suitable literature in biomaterials education. To address this need, the Center for Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering (CBTE) offers free downloads from a library of interactive PowerPoint presentations on specific biomedical implants. These presentations were prepared by groups of students taking the course Biomedical Materials (BME 215) at Duke University as their semester projects.

Students developing these projects were required to contact specific vendors who market the implant as well as surgeons who implant it. In general, each presentation consists of four main parts:

          1. The disease state addressed by the implant

          2. Implant materials selection, design, fabrication and packaging

          3. Implant sterilization and implantation

          4. Implant performance.

Since these are freeware, you can use the downloads as you please. However, if you use a download in a presentation or lecture, we ask that you acknowledge the students who prepared the presentation as a courtesy.