BSR – Biofluids Shared Resource

The Biofluids Shared Resource is a shared resource as designated by the School of Medicine, providing services based on actual cost of reagents, equipment, and personnel time. This keeps pricing competitive.

Key capabilities of the Biofluids Shared Resource include sample preparation, testing, and long-term storage.

Sample preparation and manipulation

  • Separation of blood components
  • DNA extraction from blood, tissue, and saliva
  • Automated RNA extraction from PAXgene® tubes
  • Preparation of Guthrie blood cards
  • Allocation of DNA and RNA, including concentration adjustment

Sample testing

  • Automated manipulation of DNA, RNA, and other liquids
  • Quantitative and qualitative DNA testing using capillary electrophoresis and SYBER green
  • Cell line authentication using the industry standard CODIS marker panel (comparison of DNA profiles)

Long-term storage

  • Storage of blood, body fluids, and tissue
  • Storage temperatures of  4°C, -80°C, and liquid nitrogen
  • Controlled access, alarm systems for each freezer, back-up generator, and redundant temperature control systems

The Biofluids Shared Resource currently utilizes the Nautilus LIMSTM laboratory information management system from Thermo Scientific. Nautilus tracks samples through the collection, storage, and allocation process, while also capturing pre-analytical variables for quality metrics.

For additional information, please contact David Layfield at 919-668-0232.