College Sports Reform

Charles Clotfelter discusses College Sports Reform on WUNC’s “The State of Things”

Tuesday, February 28 2012 by Alex Granados and Frank Stasio

Big time college sports like basketball and football have a contradictory reputation at many universities. They bring in big bucks and engender loyalty to a school, but they also distract from higher education’s primary mission. Are reforms necessary in the college sports system? Host Frank Stasio talks to Dave Dewitt, WUNC’s education reporter and a former college basketball player and coach; Charles Clotfelter, professor of public policy, economics and law at Duke University and author of “Big-Time Sports in American Universities” (Cambridge University Press/2011); and Will Blythe, editor-at-large of Byliner and author of “To Hate Like This is to be Happy Forever” (Harper/2007), which chronicles the UNC-Duke basketball rivalry.

Listen to Charles Clotfelter on the Value of Big-Time College Sports

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