The Faculty-in-Residence Program is one of the ways in which Duke University seeks to facilitate, strengthen, and expand interaction between faculty members and undergraduate students beyond the classroom or laboratory setting. The program is intended to afford at least some members of the faculty with a broad interest in student affairs the unique opportunity to involve themselves intimately in the life of the undergraduate residential community, and thereby to gain a much richer view of the complex texture of student life and its special rhythms, dynamics, and pressures. Students get the chance to interact on a regular basis with faculty members and their families in a setting essentially regulated by students themselves, and one that is largely free of the formality and limitations of the traditional teacher-student relationship.

There are now thirteen faculty members participating in this program, which is sponsored jointly by the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Division of Student Affairs. These scholars represent a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds, and interests, but they all share a common desire to contribute in a direct and personal way to the ongoing effort to strengthen and enhance the quality of the Duke residential experience.

If you are interested in becoming a Faculty-in-Residence, contact Deb Johnson at deborah.johnson@duke.edu.

Important Documents

Overview of Faculty-in-Residence Program

FIR Manual 2013v1

The following faculty and staff members are currently serving as Faculty-in-Residence:

Lamm, Kimberly (profile) Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies: 409 Bell Tower

Admay, Catherine (profile) Visiting Professor, Duke Center for International Development, Sanford School of Public Policy: 103 Bassett

Gordon, Helen (profile) Assistant Professor of Nursing Residence: 103 Randolph

Kabala, Zbigniew J. (profile) Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Residence: 111 Southgate

Kelley, Anthony M. (profile) Assistant Professor of Music Residence: 103 Brown

Kim, Hwansoo (profile) Assistant Professor of Religion Residence: Few Quad, HH 012

Ku, Hsiao-Mei (profile) Associate Professor of the Practice of Music and Member of Ciompi Quartet Residence: 103 Pegram

Pierce, Lillian (profile) Assistant Professor of Mathematics: 136 Blackwell

Rogers, Bradley (profile) Assistant Professor of Theater Studies: 201 Epworth

Partner, Simon C. (profile) Associate Professor of History Residence: 103 Alspaugh

Ramaswamy, Sumathi (profile) Professor of History Residence: 103 Giles

Roy, Christopher (profile) Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies Residence: 217 Wilson

Wasiolek, Sue (profile) Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students: 114 Gilbert-Addoms