Virtual BME Retreat

We are pleased to announce the first VIRTUAL BME RETREAT for PhD students and postdocs!

Please join us for a series of short events spanning June 1st-5th 2020. The sessions will be distributed throughout the week in small doses so as not to have an overwhelmingly long Zoom event, and also to spread out the chance to connect.  There are four key components:

  • Rapid fire 1-minute research talks (with prizes!)
  • A COVID-19 Research mini-symposium to communicate all the great work the department is doing to fight the pandemic.
  • An award ceremony for departmental awards.
  • Social activity sessions in the evenings ranging from rope crafts to craft cocktails.

The schedule of activities is below, and the Breakout Activities Guide provides details for the evening social activities- some require ordering supplies in advance, so please look at this now to see which ones appeal to you.

The purpose of the Rapid Fire session is to share with the rest of the department something about your research you are really excited about. Participation is voluntary. To make the Rapid Fire Talks virtual, you will be submitting a 1 min video (with audio). This could simply be a slide presentation with a voice-over. There are no other restrictions, so be as creative as you like- you might consider adding dancing, singing/rapping, or comedy! We’ve had some epic and memorable contributions in the past and you are encouraged to continue that tradition. As always, you are welcome to work in a group (if 5 students work together, they get a total of 5 min for their talk). Please share your videos with Kay Palopoli ( by May 25th if you would like to participate. More information about the virtual presentation of all submissions will be sent out after May 25th. As always, we will vote for the best Rapid Fire (categories: most informative, most creative, best group video). The winners of the Rapid Fire Talks will receive a prize! Please contact Kay with any questions.

Looking forward to a fun week of events!

Joel, Danielle, Erika, Kay, and Chelsea


Schedule of Events




Monday June 1st


Student Rapid-Fire Talk Session (voluntary) – Prizes (baked goods from professors) will be awarded on Friday

Tuesday June 2nd


Evening Social Activity:  Paracord Projects

see PDF for details

Wednesday June 3rd


COVID-19 Research Symposium

Be inspired by updates from labs working on COVID-19, with a panel Q&A.


Evening Social Activity:  Macrame 

see PDF for details

Thursday June 4th


Evening Social Activity: Cooking Kimbap

see PDF for details

Friday June 5th


Award Ceremony and BEPSA end-of-year update.  Winners of the TA awards, Dissertation awards, Service awards, and Rapid-fire awards will be announced. Those interested in running for next year’s BEPSA positions will also want to be sure to attend this.


Evening Social Activity: Craft Cocktail Workshop

vote HERE for your favorite cocktails!

see PDF for details