New Constitution Approved

Thanks to everyone who voted on the updates to the BEPSA Constitution. The updates were approved by a vote of 36-2. We appreciate everyone who took the time to comment on both the Constitution and the end of year survey- we take your feedback very seriously and use it to guide all that we do.
You can find the full Constitution on the About Us section of our website. The primary changes are listed below for your convenience.
Primary approved changes
Officer Positions
-The positions of Vice President and Graduate Affairs Committee Liaison are officially combined and renamed “Vice President/ Grad Affairs Committee Liaison”. (Previously separate positions, though held jointly in 2015-2016.)
-The positions of Historian and Chief Technology Officer are officially combined and renamed “Chief Technology Officer”. (Previously separate positions, though held jointly in 2015-2016.)
-New voting regulations allow that two students can run and serve together as “co-chairs” for the positions of committee chairs and the first year officer. If students are interested in serving as co-chairs, they will be listed as a pair of running mates on the ballot, and will either win together or lose together. If a student is interested in serving as a co-chair but does not have a running mate, he/she can contact BEPSA for help being paired with a running mate. (Previously not specified, though Curriculum Committee has co-chairs for 2015-2016.)
-Officer elections must be widely advertised for one week (previously two weeks).
General organization 
-The number of required general body meetings is decreased to once/semester to avoid an unnecessary burden on students (previously “quarterly during the calendar year”). Additional meetings can be held as often as needed to discuss major topics (e.g. changes in degree milestones). In practice, we expect that GB meetings will still be held 3-4 times a year, and any BME PhD student is welcome to recommend to the E-board that a meeting occur.
-If an officer steps down from his/her position, the proposed changes allow the executive board to either hold a mid-year special election or to divide the tasks of the resigned officer among themselves until the next election. (Previously not specified.)
-Executive board meetings can be held with half of the members present (Previously 2/3 of members present).