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Congratulations to Erin and Colleen!

Erin and Colleen both received travel awards to ASPB this year!
Erin was selected for the ASPB Women’s Young Investigator and Colleen was chosen for the Graduate Travel Grant Winners Congratulations to all of the winners! It looks like its going to be a fun meeting.

Erin’s paper is out in Dev Cell!

Click here to learn more about Establishment of Expression in the SHORTROOT-SCARECROW Transcriptional Cascade through Opposing Activities of Both Activators and Repressors.

Rogers et al published in Plant Physiology

You can read more about it here: X-Ray Computed Tomography Reveals the Response of Root System Architecture to Soil Texture.

Manuel Valdes successfully defended his thesis April 4

AND got a job! Congratulations Manuel!

Manuel’s paper is published in Nature Plants!

read more here: Unique cell-type-specific patterns of DNA methylation in the root meristem.

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