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Service Learning

She’s The First (STF)

Graphics & Outreach Chair, Awareness Committee Lead

Durham, North Carolina

Description: She’s the First (STF) is a non-profit national organization whose mission is to combat gender inequality through education. With multiple chapters throughout the US, STF works to find, fund, and support solutions that educate and empower nearly 7,200 young women in over 21 countries. As Graphics and Outreach Chair in 2019 and Awareness Committee Lead in 2020, I have organized on-campus events that raise awareness of the lack of education for females worldwide. For example, I have designed posters for fundraising campaigns, such as the spring Sweat! For STF fitness initiative and the fall bake sale, which raised $300 towards scholarships for women in low-income regions. The profit goes directly towards scholarship funding for young women in Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania, the Gambia, and the US.

Relation to GC Focus: Although infrastructure is traditionally thought of transportation, power grids, and water/sewer systems, education is also a critical component of modern infrastructure. Education is necessary to support a society, as it allows people to understand how society functions, learn the values and morals of a society, and understand how society can ultimately advance. By promoting equal access to education, STF fights for equal opportunities within society and endorses a future where all members of a society are able to work towards a future they desire, instead of being challenged by unjust societal obstacles (i.e. discrimination/gender inequality). Over 130 million young women worldwide lack access to an education, and working with STF has allowed me to deepen my social awareness and work to meet — and improve — these basic infrastructure needs in communities around the world.

Supervisor: N/A

Dates: April 2019 to present

Total Hours: 1 hour/week

Above is the fundraiser poster for the fall bake sale I organized.