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Energy Week at Duke University

Website Design Lead

Durham, North Carolina

Description: Energy Week at Duke University is a student-organized, week-long conference sponsored by the Duke University Energy Initiative and the Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment (EDGE) at the Fuqua School of Business. During the conference, undergraduate students, graduate students, professors, and industry professionals meet to discuss energy policy, business, emerging technologies, and research. This year, the conference was entirely virtual, and the theme of the conference was Upheaval and Resilience. Throughout the conference, participants discussed energy’s role in sustainable development, how energy has been affected in a “year of disruption,” and how energy has changed in light of the pandemic and how it will continue to evolve beyond 2020. As Website Design Lead, I focused on designing and maintaining the website, as the the website was the “central hub” for all Energy Week activities. I corresponded with the Marketing Team, all Event Leads, and the Co-Presidents in order to ensure that the website was accurate and accessible for all audiences.

Relation to GC Focus: Energy plays a critical role in society’s infrastructure, and as populations are growing, the demand for power has been growing at record-breaking rates. In order for society to continue to function, the demand for energy must be met; however, current solutions — that is, the use of fossil fuels, among other traditional solutions — will not satisfy the needs of the global population without compromising the the condition of environment. Developing renewable energy technologies is critical to meeting this demand, and only through collaborative efforts among students, researchers, and leading industry experts can we expect to find a sustainable and affordable solution to the growing power demand and ultimately restore energy infrastructure around the world.

Supervisor: N/A

Dates: July 2020 to November 2020

Total Hours: Approx. 3 hours per week

Duke Engineers for International Development (DEID)

Events Committee, VP of Publicity and Website Manager

Durham, North Carolina

Description: As the VP of Publicity, I focused on revamping the DEID website in order to most accurately reflect DEID’s current projects, fundraising efforts, and workshops. I worked closely with the Fundraising Chair in order to organize and promote the end of the year “Do a Good DEID” fundraising campaign on the website and media platforms. As the member of the Events Committee, I worked on reaching out to other student organizations on campus, such as Duke SmartHome, and I am currently organizing a general body meeting and possible workshop in partnership with the SmartHome. As my term continues, I aim to continue to organize these meetings and collaborations in order to increase the cohesiveness of DEID and promote collaborations with other organizations that also prioritize sustainable solutions.

Supervisor: Dr. David E. Schaad

Dates: January 2019 to present

Total Hours: Approx. 2 hours per week

Duke Blueprint 2021: Rainforests and Reforestation Hackathon

First Place Team


Description: Rainforests + Restoration focuses on developing revolutionary ideas in response to critical challenges in the world’s rainforests through a thoughtful, innovative design process. This year’s event aims to inspire actionable blueprints for sustainable and scalable technologies or policies that branch out in rainforest conservation. As the member of the “rinse + rePEAT” project, I worked with two other students to address the drainage of peat swamps for palm-oil plantations in Borneo. The drainage ultimately led to rainforest deforestation, increased CO2 emissions, and violations of worker’s and Dayak’s rights. As a team, we proposed a multi-stage solution that includes the re-wetting and reforestation of tropical peat swamp-forests via peat pod nets.

Relation to GC Focus: The demand for basic supplies – such as palm oil – has grown rapidly in response to a growing global population, and such demand has called for the destruction of earth’s tropical forests. Therefore, students, academics, and industry professionals must collaborate to find solutions that allow for population growth without compromising natural resources.

Supervisor: N/A

Dates: January 9, 2021 to January 10, 2021

Total Hours: 20 hours

Final Hackathon Project + Presentation

HybriD3 Theory Training Workshop


Description: The HybriD3 Theory Training Workshop introduced researchers to the theory and practical applications of atomistic modeling techniques in materials science, chemistry, and condensed matter physics, particularly first-principles electronic structure calculations. The workshop included a series of lectures and hands-on sessions that are designed to provide an entry point to the current most important, density-functional theory based simulation approaches in computational molecular and materials science. The workshop was offered as part of the NSF-DMREF funded “HybriD3 consortium (DMR-1728921/1729297/1729383) in support of the Materials Genome Initiative and the NSF Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation program.

Relation to GC Focus: The theory and tools discussed in this workshop relate to energy technologies, especially energy materials used in solar panels and fuel cells. Using this theory, researchers can study these materials and understand how to design more efficient energy technologies so as to improve the global energy infrastructure as well as restore energy access in remote areas.

Supervisors: Dr. Volker Blum, Dr. Yosuke Kanai

Dates: January 19, 2021 to January 21, 2021

Total Hours: 20 hours

National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge Scholars Program Student Leader Summit 2021


Description: The NAE GCSP Student Leaders Summit was designed to form a stronger student community among institutions in the GCSP network and to develop identity as members of the GCSP network community. The summit aimed to empower GCSP leaders at over 40 institutions by sharing experiences and ideas for recruiting, engaging, and motivating other students toward GCSP. Other goals of the program included identifying opportunities for the student leader network to contribute to the GCSP network as well as helping student leaders gain important skills, such as career preparation, leadership styles, and entrepreneurial mindset practice.

Supervisor: Amy Trowbridge

Dates: May 21, 2021 to May 23, 2021

Total Hours: 15 hours