General Questions

Q: Who are eligible applicants for BCTIP?

A: All first-year master’s students in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics are welcome to apply for the program.


Q: When and how can I apply for BCTIP?

A: A call for intern applications will be circulated to the current first-year students in the fall for start the following January, and in the spring for start the following May or June. Application instructions will be provided at that time.


Q: I want to apply for the program but what if I do not have any specific field of interest?

A: BCTIP intern projects span many fields and vary from year to year. Well-qualified students will be identified during the interview period based on statistical knowledge and collaborative experience. It is not necessary to have a specific field of interest, but if hired, BCTIP will attempt to assign projects that align with a student’s interests.


Q: What are other internship opportunities at Duke?

A: Many opportunities exist within Duke for students in quantitative fields. For an overview of all internship programs, please see https://plus.datascience.duke.edu/internships-opportunities.


Q: Does BCTIP give interns return offers?

A: One goal of BCTIP is to prepare each intern to immediately move into a staff (bio)statistician position or enroll in a PhD program after graduation. BCTIP has a 100% intern placement after graduation, and some interns have been offered permanent staff roles with the Duke BERD Core, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke Cancer Institute, Duke Human Vaccine Institute, etc. Interns who are interested in applying for staff positions within Duke should discuss the options with the internship coordinators.