Bass GANDHI at the 2017 Heart Walk!

On October 1st, 2017 our GANDHI Bass Connections Team participated in the 2017 Triangle Heart Walk. The Heart Walk is the American Heart Association’s premier fundraising effort to combat leading causes of death and disability in the United States: heart disease and stroke. Many survivors celebrate and share their stories during this annual event, hosted in Raleigh, NC. As a whole, the Triangle Heart Walk raised 1.3 million dollars and engaged over 20,000 walkers.

Sixteen members of our Bass group walked together under our Michael Jackson inspired team name—“Just Beat It.” Just Beat It raised $1,083 after an initial goal of only $650! We would like to sincerely thank everyone who donated to our team or participated in our raffle fundraiser.  Congratulations to our raffle winners Thabit Pulak, who won a $20 certificate to the Cupcake Bar, and Jackie Xu who won a Duke Stores gift card.

The Heart Walk is a demonstration of the continued efforts to understand and treat heart disease and stroke. Our Bass group feels proud to have contributed to the Heart Walk and looks forward to similar events in the future!

Graduate Team Members Brittney Sullivan (2016-2017) and Anna Martin (2016-2017) Receive D-SIGN Grants

Graduate team members Brittney Sullivan (PhD in Nursing ’17, School of Nursing) and Anna Martin (Master of Public Policy ’17, Sanford School of Public Policy) funds from the Duke Support for Interdisciplinary Graduate Networks (D-SIGN) to establish a graduate network affiliated with GANDHI. The network’s purpose was to to establish the evidence for improving systems of care for children and adolescents living with disability after an acute hospitalization. To read the full article, click here.

GANDHI team member Kira Battle to present at the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress 2017


Kira Battle, DPT student, Class of 2018



GANDHI graduate team member Kira Battle, Doctor of Physical Therapy student, class of 2018, has been accepted to present at the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa. Kira will present her team’s work as a poster presentation titled, “Physical Rehabilitation in Acute Care Settings of Low- and Middle- Income Countries: A Mixed Methods Systematic Review.” 





Team member Jackie Xu part of team representing Duke at Oxford Global Challenges

Qiang Zhang, David Wohlever Sanchez, and Jackie Xu won the Duke Global Challenge finals and are competing in the international finals at Oxford in April.

GANDHI team member Jackie Xu, a sophomore studying public policy, and two other sophomore students, David Wohlever Sanchez, also majoring in public policy, and Qiang Zhang, majoring in political science, won the Duke Global Challenge finals. Oxford’s Global Challenges was brought to Duke by Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative and the Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke. Of the 21 teams to participate from Duke, 6 were selected for the Duke finals. Jackie and her team will be traveling to Oxford to represent Duke and participate in the international Global Challenge finals at the end of April.



Lessons on Inclusion from Uganda

Christa Preston, director and co-founder of EmbraceKulture, and GANDHI-Child and Adolescent team member Anna Martin co-authored a blog post on UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning Learning Portal. Check out the article here to learn about how EmbraceKulture trains Ugandan teachers to develop the skills of students with disabilities. EmbraceKulture is a Ugandan non-profit whose mission is “to create a more inclusive world where all children are embraced for what makes them unique.”

GANDHI-CAH meets with Dr. Joseph Lunyera to discuss transitional care in Uganda

Joseph Lunyera, MBChB, a Postdoctoral Associate at Duke Division of General Internal Medicine (Duke GIM) met with GANDHI’s Children and Adolescent-focused team to talk about opportunities to improve hospital-to-home transitions in Uganda. Dr. Lunyera was born and raised in Uganda. His primary work at Duke is with the Jackson Heart Study.

GANDHI Children and Adolescent-focused team members meet with Dr. Joseph Lunyera (center). From left to right: Shem Opolot, Anna Martin, Brittney Sullivan, Joseph Lunyera, Jassy Seider, Sarah Jean Barton, and Nelia Ekeji.

GANDHI team members traveling with Duke this summer

This summer, three GANDHI student team members are traveling with Duke to complete GANDHI-related project work or engage in new projects and areas of interest.

Anna Martin, Master’s in Public Policy student in the Sanford School of Public Policy, will be in Durban, South Africa, this summer as a DukeEngage site coordinator. Anna and her team will be partnering with non-governmental organizations and schools to support children/youth services, community development and outreach, education, literacy, and social and environmental justice.

Rachel Shapiro, Class of 2019, was selected to take part in Duke Global Education’s Duke in Silicon Valley program this summer. Duke in Silicon Valley is designed to immerse students in what it’s like to found a commercial or social venture. Rachel and other students will tour research facilities and company headquarters throughout the Bay Area.

Chelsea Liu, Class of 2018, was awarded Independent (Indy) project funding from DukeEngage to complete a self-driven research project related to GANDHI’s work in Beijing, China, this summer. Chelsea will be working with Dr. Yongjun Wang, Dr. Liping Liu, Dr. Yilong Wang, and Dr. Zixiao Li at Beijing Tiantan Hospital as well as the Chinese Stroke Association to improve stroke patients’ education and recovery post-discharge.

GANDHI team members Anna Martin (left), Rachel Shapiro (center), and Chelsea Liu (right) are all traveling with Duke this summer.