GANDHI team member Kira Battle awarded Bass Connections Follow-on Student Research Funding for 2017

Kira Battle, DPT student, Class of 2018

GANDHI graduate team member Kira Battle, Doctor of Physical Therapy student, class of 2018, has been awarded Bass Connections Follow-on Student Research Funding for 2017 to investigate physical rehabilitation and transitional care in Uganda as a member of GANDHI in collaboration with the Duke Global Neurosurgery and Neuroscience (DGNN). Congratulations, Kira!

GANDHI Team Member Brittney Sullivan Headed to Harvard for Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Brittney Sullivan, PhD, MS, CPNP, a graduate team member of the GANDHI-Child and Adolescent team, will complete a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, working closely with the Infectious Disease and Social Change Program under the mentorship of Mercedes Becerra, ScD.  The focus of the post-doctoral fellowship is to gain additional skills in pediatric drug-resistant tuberculosis research.

Dr. Sullivan was one of two individuals to receive the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Future of Nursing Scholars (FNS) post-doctoral award for $50,000 over two years of a fellowship position.  This award will help fund Dr. Sullivan’s post-doctoral training and research. Dr. Sullivan was eligible for this award as was one of 16 individuals in the first FNS cohort to complete her PhD within three years. Dr. Sullivan will graduate with her PhD in Nursing and a doctoral certificate in Global Health this May from the Duke University School of Nursing.

Congratulations, Dr. Sullivan!

GANDHI funded by Bass Connections for a second year

GANDHI has received funding from Duke University’s Bass Connections for a second year. The goal for next year’s project work is to:

“To grow the Alliance in both breath (number of countries) and depth (research in phase I countries), and continue to engage faculty, external collaborators and students across learner levels in international mixed methods research committed to health system strengthening to support the transition home from the hospital for adults newly living with disability to achieve their greatest quality of life.”

We look forward to continuing our current projects and expanding with our future work.

Jasmine Seider Wins Poster Award at the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Section Meeting

GANDHI team member Jasmine Seider, a Doctor of Physical Therapy student, presented the GANDHI Children and Adolescent focused team’s work on understanding capacity to improve pediatric transitional care in Uganda at the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Combined Section Meeting (CSM) 2017. Jasmine’s poster won an award from the HPA the Catalyst Global Health SIG. Congratulations, Jazzy!

Jasmine Seider and her winning poster assessing pediatric capacity to improve care transitions in Uganda.

GANDHI Students Place at 2016 DGHI Global Health Showcase

Graduate team member Michelle Roberts and undergraduate team member Mathama Bility and placed in competitions at the 2016 DGHI Global Health Showcase.

Michelle won the graduate student poster competition for a poster summarizing her thesis work titled, “Stakeholder Perspectives on Patient Experience with Transitional Care after an Acute Neurological Event in Argentina.” Posters were judged based on clear presentation of research aims, description of research methods, scope of project and logical conclusion, and visual clarity, appeal, and layout.

Michelle Roberts and her poster, “Stakeholder Perspectives on Patient Experience with Transitional Care after an Acute Neurological Event in Argentina.”

Mathama placed second in the DGHI Fieldwork Photo Contest for her piece, “A Window to the Future.” The photos were judged by a five-member panel, including an undergraduate global health student, a graduate global health student, a DGHI faculty member, a DGHI staff member, and a member of the Duke Photography team. In addition to the judged competition, DGHI also held a People’s Choice Award contest on Facebook.

“A Window to the Future,” taken by junior Mathama Bility, public policy studies major and global health minor, in El Naranjo, Honduras. Caption: This girl was one of the daughters of a participant in our research study on prenatal health in the Cangrejal Valley in rural Honduras. The data collected from her mother and other women helped to inform workshops on maternal health and family planning, which we presented to teenage girls not much older than the girl featured in this image. Women and girls remain very marginalized in these communities, yet increased education and opportunities bring hope for the next generation.

Congratulations to all participants and winners of the 2016 DGHI Global Health Showcase! It was wonderful to see the depth and breadth of student research coming from DGHI!

To check out more images from the Showcase visit DGHI Flickr album!


Graduate Team Member Anne Gross Awarded American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Section Meeting (CSM) Scholarship

anneGraduate team member Anne Gross, DPT Class of 2018 student, was recently awarded a CSM scholarship. The CSM scholarship will provide support to attend in the American Physical Therapy Association’s 2017 Combined Section Meeting.
Kaiser Permanente’s physical therapy education programs are dedicated to enriching the learning experience for future practitioners and are pleased to offer Conference Scholarships for PT students. The scholarships are sponsored by the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Fellowship, the Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency, and the Orthopaedic Residency programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Congratulations, Anne!

Graduate team member Brittney Sullivan awarded Duke University Center for International & Global Studies (DUCIGS) “Working Groups on Global Issues” grant

Headshot of smiling girl
Brittney Sullivan, PhD Nursing student

GANDHI graduate team member Brittney Sullivan, PhD Nursing, is part of a team who received the Duke University Center for International & Global Studies (DUCIGS) “Working Groups on Global Issues” Award for the 2016-2017 academic year. Their proposal entitled “Global Migration of Tuberculosis” will have access to funding of up to $1,000 over the course of the year. Brittney is working with Hanzhang Xu, PhD Nursing, Emily Esmaili, Department of Science and Society, and Jaclyn Zhang, Trinity School of Arts and Sciences.

Their working group will assess how global migration affects tuberculosis (TB) prevalence. Our main outcome is to write a collaborative manuscript on global migration patterns and TB prevalence.  Additionally, we aim to develop an interdisciplinary working team for networking related to global migration and TB to build future partnerships and collaborations.


Interested in learning more about the Global Migration on Tuberculosis working group? Like their Facebook page to stay updated on upcoming events!

The first meeting is likely to be this November and will include dinner! The group is looking engage perspectives of students from different disciplines and backgrounds and gain their thoughts and ideas about migration and tuberculosis issues (and beyond!) and will share their knowledge about these topics as well. The group plans to have 5-6 meetings in the next academic year, including a movie at one event.

Congratulations, Brittney! GANDHI looks forward to seeing the wonderful collaboration that comes from your Global Migration on Tuberculosis working group.


Undergraduate team member Jackie Xu & team win at Triangle Health Innovation Challenge 2016

photo of team members holding large checks after winning prize money at THInC
Team Lotus at the THInC awards ceremony (Left to right: Jasmine Lu, Robyn Guo, Francia Fang, Gary Wang, Howard Li, Jackie Xu, and Pooja Joshi)

Undergraduate team member Jackie Xu, Duke Sophomore in the Global Health and Public Policy, won second place in the Triangle Health Innovation Challenge 2016 (THInC) this past weekend. THInC is a weekend long event in which teams of students have 48 hours to tackle a “pain point” in health through a technological solution.

Jackie, as a member of Team Lotus, worked with other students from Duke and UNC to design Lotus, a virtual reality (VR) exposure therapy software for remote treatment of PTSD for war veterans, many of whom live in rural communities. Through smartphone application and VR technology, Lotus allows users to have VR exposure therapy sessions in the comfort of their own home at their own pace, with all sessions being audio-recorded and sent directly to the patient’s therapist. In addition, VR content could be developed from 360 open-source video, allowing for therapy session content to be highly customized for the patient’s PTSD experience.

Team Members include Jackie Xu, Francia Fang, Robyn Guo, Gary Wang, Howard Li, Jasmine Lu, Pooja Joshi. All team members are currently Sophomores at Duke or UNC.

Lotus won THInC second place overall (2000 USD) and the Janssen Mental Health prize (500 USD). The team is currently deliberating next steps for Lotus!

GANDHI awarded 2016 D-SIGN Grant to fund Child and Adolescent Team

This past spring, Brittney Sullivan, PhD in Nursing student, School of Nursing, and Anna Martin, Master of Public Policy student, Sanford School of Public Policy, of GANDHI were awarded a Duke Support for Interdisciplinary Graduate Networks (D-SIGN) grant to continue GANDHI’s work with child and adolescent populations.

As Duke Today says, the purpose of this grant for GANDHI is to use “a socioecological approach to identify the key needs for children newly living with disability, network members will examine and compare the social supports, health and community services and policies in three countries. Members hope this project will inform future interdisciplinary research to strengthen health systems for children and adolescents transitioning home from the hospital.”

GANDHI Child and Adolescent (GANDHI-CAH) team members include: Brittney Sullivan, Sarah Jean Barton, Mathama Bility, Nelia Ekeji, Chris Fitzgibbon, Anna Martin, Jasmine Seider, and Joao Vissoci.