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Beach House (Screen Society screening)

December 6th, 2018

On November 1st, I went the screening of Beach House directed Jason Saltiel and written/produced by Matt Simon both Duke alumni. The movie was about a college aged girl who was a writer. She complained to her parents about having nothing to write about because her life was boring. She spends her summer at her family’s beach. Her mom invites a edgy photographer man who was her friend earlier in life. The college aged girl and this photographer begin to form a suspicious relationship and then things turn dangerous. Without completely explaining the plot, I can conclude that this movie is supposed to be a thriller but misses the mark. Instead the movie is filled with cliches and awkward moments. As a college age girl, I felt misrepresented by the movie as the girl is reckless and doesn’t think before she acts. The girl is mindless as she wanders through her very privileged life and that depiction of a young female has been overplayed. I found it hard to fathom that two men had decided to create a movie and decided to tell a story about a young woman. I feel like the portrayal of the main character alone made the movie unsuccessful in its attempt to create a murder mystery type movie.

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