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Technical Ideologies

November 29th, 2018

The technical way a film is produced effects the way an audience perceives that presumed message of the film. Whether it be the type of film, camera or other technical aspect, a film can alter the perception and experience of a viewer. In Russian Ark, one long shot is used in order for the audience to gain sense of completely being in the mind of the narrator and person who the camera is representing.

Rope by Alfred Hitchcock attempted to create the illusion of one long shot while it actually uses hidden ways to cut the shot and change the film in the camera. The technique is successful as it creates an uncut story that is full of tracking shots and close ups. I think that this technique was used by Hitchcock to create something unordinary. There is dialogue between Brandon and Phillip, two of the key characters in the film, that highlights this point:

”Brandon,” says Philip, ”you don’t think the party is a mistake, do you?”

”Being weak is a mistake,” says Brandon.

”Because it’s human?” says Philip.

”Because it’s ordinary,” says Brandon

(New York Times 1984)

I think Hitchcock embraced this dialogue and decided that using a regular film technique would be weak and ordinary. He wished to prove that his film making skill were the contrary: strong and innovative. In no way am I comparing Hitchcock to the cold blooded killer that is Brandon, but I think that Hitchcock’s ideas about pushing the envelope and doing some drastically different that he had previously done was motivate by his desire to be unordinary. I also think that the technique creates a flawless film, with no obvious cuts and fluidity, the story never stops.

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