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Political Cinema

November 27th, 2018

Political cinema seems to be a blanket term for many of the movies we have watched over the course of class. From Killer of Sheep to A Single Man to The Conversation to Hail, Caesar, there was always a political or social message that the filmmakers wanted to the viewers to receive from the movie. The goal of these movies is to bring awareness of different political issue to viewers that have never been exposed to the specific issue or just interested viewers that wants to learn more. I find myself as a viewer learning so much from movies about political issues that I am already interested in but also am pleasantly surprised when I watch a movie with a political message that I haven’t been exposed to. Hunger by Steve McQueen was one of the ladder. The political messages of Northern Ireland is nothing I have ever come across. In some ways this hurt my viewing because the importance of it was lost but after the screening I did research in order to put it into perspective.

Moments of Silence is a beautiful film in the way it portrays the inaction of the US House of Representatives. However, I question the effectiveness of the film without the description. Although when I saw it I hypothesized that is was about gun control, there is an audience that might not and the political message could go unheard. I think that the film is a perfect example of the idea of filmmakers not hiding their political views and ideas. Film, and art in general, is one of the modes of communication that can show a political idea and be extremely effective as it touches many people.

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