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Radical Adaptations

November 1st, 2018

As a fan of the graphic novel Persepolis, the movie adaptation does not disappoint. Everything down to the illustrations are identical and nothing is lost in the movie. I think this speaks to the importance of having the creator of the source material being involved in the making of the adaptation. This insures that the essence of the novel is not forgotten and when making something with such a meaningful story that is based on the creator’s life, it is necessary to have that person involved. Persepolis is successful because of the deep connection that the viewer has with the antagonist. Radical adaptation in Persepolis creates a world that many have either forgotten about or never been exposed to. While it has common themes like a young girl trying to find herself, it also struggles with the ideas of political oppression, war and death. Marjane’s story portrayed through her own animation is powerful as she explores her childhood. As one of the first animation movies we have viewed in the class, I think Persepolis tackles ideas about animation being for children and open the art form up for deeper consideration and importance.

As for A Single Man, I have never read the source material but I think that its flashbacks and time shifts speak to the nature of adaptations. In a novel with background and context, it is important to represent those aspects in the movie as to provide the necessary frame of reference. The movie use of these conventions creates a story that is not hard follow but rather a layered plot.

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