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Documentary Film

October 25th, 2018

The medium of documentary is something that I thought I was very familiar with. However, the exploration of films like In The Streets and Citizenfour represent a new aspect of documentaries. The poetic nature of In The Street created a similar feeling to an avant-garde piece in that there is no clear plot or narrative but rather an exploration and case study of a topics. The reflexive natural In The Street and Citizenfour was also something that I had never noticed before that proved to be a compelling as it draws attention to the objectivity and purpose of the filmmakers. In In the Street, the filmmaker shows the streets of a city. Every aspect of the movie is meant to give attention to a part of the world that isn’t often explored. Due to the subjects addressing the camera, the filmmaker does not take theirselves out of the movie. Rather, shows the reaction of the people of the street to the camera and filmmaker. In Citizenfour, the filmmaker is essentially a character in the narrative. Her voice is heard throughout the film and is dressed by other people in the movie. Her objectivity is also very prominent. She disclaimers at the beginning her position within the story and her history with the United States and national security. As a previous target of the United States because of her films, she has some hostility towards the bureaucracy and in the film, you can obviously see the depiction of the government as somewhat evil. Not to say that this depiction is totally false because of her experiences, but it influences it in some way.

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