(Last Update: Oct. 29, 2017)

  • Journal Articles and Books


Wang, Austin H. 2017.  “Patience moderates the Social Cleavage in Demand for Redistribution”   (Social Science Research forthcoming)

Wang, Austin H. 2017. “Patience as the Rational Foundation of Sociotropic VotingElectoral Studies forthcoming

Wang, Austin H. 2017. “Waning Effect of China’s Carrot and Stick Policies toward Taiwanese People: Clamping down on Growing National Identity?” Asian Survey forthcoming.


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Wang, Austin H. 2012. “Citizen’s Attitude Toward “Checks-and-Balances:” Exploratory Study of Panel Data on the Second Turnover in Taiwan.” Master Dissertation, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University. Taipei, Taiwan, Jun. 03. (Best Master Thesis Award)


Wang, Austin H. 2011. “Providing Information For Citizen’s Political Trust Toward the Congress: A Exploratory Study Through IVOD.Taiwan Democracy Quarterly Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 161-198. (TSSCI).


  • Conference Papers (selected)


Wang, Austin H. 2015. “Does the Sunflower Bloom in the Local Politics? Exploring the Performance of Young Candidates in 2014 Village and Li Election. “Paper presented at 2015 North American Taiwan Studies Association annual conference, Harvard University, June 11-12

Wang, Austin H. 2015. “Comparing Measurements of Intertemporal Choice in Political Science” Paper presented at Southern Political Science Association Annual Conference, Jan. 17. LA: New Orleans. Slides


Wang, Austin H. 2014. Can Economic Success Propagate Autocracy? Experimental Evidence from Taiwan. Paper presented at 2014 NATSA conference, UW-M, June 20-21)

Lu, Fengming, Ma, Alex H., and Wang, Austin. 2014. “Factional Interests and/or Public Goods? Career Advancement in China Communist Party Revisited”. Paper presented in Annual “Frontiers of Political Science” Workshop: Political Accountability, May 6-7, Duke University.


Wang, Austin H. 2011. “Limiting Campaign Expenditure As Fairness: The Cases of the 2009 and the 2010 Mayor Elections in Taiwan.” Paper presented at Annual Conference of Taiwanese Political Science Association, Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 12 – 13.


Wang, Austin H. 2010. “The Differentiation and Transformation of the Taiwanese Legislators: The Case of the Seventh Legislative Yuan.” Paper presented at Annual Conference of Taiwanese Political Science Association, Taipei, Taiwan, Dec. 04 – 05.