2018 First Project Workshop

This workshop provides the step-by-step introduction to creating your first survey experiment project, especially for the Duke political science graduate students who have little or no experience on survey experiment before.  The first session (9:00-10:00) will cover the survey platforms and potential funding sources for your own projects. The second session (10:30-11:30) will focus on writing an IRB proposal for experimental design and pre-registration. And the third session (13:00-14:00) will include the randomization on Qualtrics and link your Qualtrics survey experiment to Amazon MTurk.

Date: Saturday, Jan 13, 2018
Location: Gross 230E
Lecturer: Austin Horng-En Wang
9:00-10:00  Session 1: Platform and Funding


10:30-11:30  Session 2: Duke IRB proposal

Slide         Example1            Example2

13:00-14:00   Session 3: Survey Experiment on Qualtrics and MTurk