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    Our Staff and Founding Partners

    Alexa - Photo
    Alexandra Sutton, PhD Candidate, Nicholas School for the Environment
    Sanford School of Public Policy PhD Students headshots
    Sierra Smucker, PhD Candidate, Sanford School of Public Policy


     The Duke Atlantic Partnership is staffed by

    Alexandra E. Sutton

    Director, Co-Founder
    +44 (0) 746 893 3826

    Sierra Smucker

    Managing Director, Co-Founder
    +44 (0) 754 491 0933

    Our offices are located at

    165 Fleet Street
    1st Floor
    London EC4A 2DY
    United Kingdom

    We work in partnership with the following organizations

    Sanford School of Public Policy
    The Sanford School’s involvement is advised by Fritz Mayer, Associate Dean for Strategy and Innovation & Director of the Program on Global Policy and Governance.

    Nicholas School of the Environment
    The Nicholas School’s involvement is advised by Sherri Nevius and Allison Besch, Assistant Dean and Director of the Duke Environmental Leadership (Executive Education) Program.

    Duke Corporate Education & Global Educator Network
    Duke Corporate Education’s (CE) involvement is guided by Adam Pacifico, Managing Director of the CE London office and Joey Uppal-Mustafa, manager of the Global Educator Network.

    Fuqua School of Business
    The Fuqua School of Business is represented by Dan Vermeer, Executive Director of the Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment.

    Natural Resources Defense Council
    The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)’s involvement is lead by Alexandra Kennaugh, Director of Strategy and Communications for the NRDC London office.

    Duke School of Law
    The Duke School of Law’s participation is led by Jonathan Wiener, Co-Director of Rethinking Regulation & Professor of Law, Environmental Policy, & Public Policy at Duke School of Law.

    Duke Club of London
    The Duke Club of London brings together the Duke community in the United Kingdom through a series of professional, cultural, and social events.