Engaging Easley

Developers: Monique Goldsmith & Prakash Sundar

Advisors: Deanna St. John

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves

IntroductionAbstract Abstract In today’s world with all the current technology device are often used as teaching aids. Our clients are students in a multi-handicap classroom who need an academic device that is tailored to their disability needs. We sought […]

Bubble Chaser: Insulin Reservoir Filling Device for People with Visual Impairments

Developers: Edward Liang and Sharon Sangermano

Advisors: Nancy Lelle-Michel, RN

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


Abstract Our client has type I diabetes and must fill her insulin reservoir every two to three days. However, her retinopathy has made it difficult for her to locate and purge air bubbles in the reservoir. When introduced to […]

School Supports

Developers: Sameer Pandhare, Emily Shannon, Alice Silberstein

Advisors: Edie Kahn, OTR, Whitney Mallallieu, PT, Kathy Davis, SLP, Josie Ghigliotty, VS, Pam Morgan, Teacher

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


Abstract For children with disabilities, teaching and therapy sessions require flexibility in presenting materials, the ability to switch between tasks easily, and room to store […]

Timing and Alert System for Students with Autism

Developers: Elizabeth Yonko, Drew Levy, Karolina DiStasi

Advisors: Julie Morin and Nina Zornes

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves

Abstract Our client is a high school student with autism spectrum disorder, which affects his ability to communicate verbally with his teacher and his perception of timing and routines. While he has access to assistive communication devices […]

DECI Box Builders

Developers: Lindsay Hulley and Yasiel Trujillo

Advisors: Tara Moore

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves

Abstract Mary is an adult female with mild intellectual disabilities, and Mark is an adult male with multiple physical and cognitive impairments. Both Mary and Mark are employees at DECI, a non-profit vocational rehabilitation program, where they currently do simple jobs […]

One Thing Straight: A Posture Monitoring and Alert System

Developers: Alexandra Kanaris, Katherine Lee, and Zoë Roecker

Advisors: Darcy Cooper, PT

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves



Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disease that affects more than ten million people worldwide [1]. One prevalent symptom of PD is the loss of postural awareness and tendency to slouch forward. Our client was looking […]

Wax On, Wax Off: An Assistive Dispensing Device for Workers with Cognitive Limitations

Developers: Matt Udelhofen, Yasha Saxena, Yash Bhatnagar

Advisors: Tara Moore

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


This report covers the development of an assistive, automated wax dispensing device for a vocational rehabilitation center, Durham Exchange Club Industries (DECI). Workers at DECI are tasked with weighing out and packaging exactly 10.08 or 1.02 lbs of candle […]

Rub-a-Dub: An Interactive Laundry Assistant

Developers: Anandita Ananthakumar, Karisma Desai, Niranjana Shashikumar

Advisors: Andrew Scercy and Sarah Hartsock

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


Abstract Severe intellectual disability affects life skills that include conceptual and practical skills. Our client Peter has severe intellectual disability and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and as a result has difficulty grasping the perception of […]

1 Step, 2 Step: A moveable wheelchair ramp

Developers: Kailani Montane and Darshana Jaint

Advisors: Brandi McDaniel and Sarah Hartsock

Supervising Professor: Kevin Caves


Abstract Our client owns a home which is not wheelchair accessible, preventing people with wheelchairs from easily and safely entering the house. However, they did not want to build a permanent ramp which would use up the […]

Eye Spy: A device to assist with insertion of insulin catheter needles

Developers: Hunter Hutchinson, Jenny Egerter

Advisor: Nancy Lelle-Michel

Supervising Professors: Kevin Caves



Proper insulin diffusion is crucial for successful blood sugar regulation in Type I diabetes. Our client has a visual impairment and peripheral neuropathy, meaning loss of sensation, in her fingers as a result of long-term diabetes and required the assistance […]